Saturday, August 12, 2017

White Hot Fury over White Supremacists

If you turned 90 years old in 2017 you were too young to fight in World War II.

I know this because my dad was drafted in 1944 but didn't go abroad. The war was nearly over when he mustered in. September 23 would have been his 90th birthday.

All World War II veterans are over 90 years old, except for maybe a very few stragglers who lied about their age. They would be, at best, 87.

And now we have empowered Neo Nazis, marching in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia.

All the blood, the pain, the loss of life and limb. The loss of sanity. A whole generation profoundly affected by world events. And before the last of them draws a final breath, people in this country are glorifying the very evil that this country opposed!

I'm not even going to start on the Confederate flag, except to say that Sherman should have been more thorough.

In the matter of white supremacy, can I just point something out? Whites are supreme in this country! Their salaries are better than minority citizens, their job prospects are better than minority citizens, their numbers are larger, and they're in charge. You want to see white supremacy? Take a walk on Wall Street and see who's running the world. Look at pictures of our nation's CEOs, strolling together at some exclusive conference. You won't see any minorities there.

The lowest forms of life -- people who blame their own loser status on someone else with a different skin color -- are empowered by our loathsome chief executive, who couldn't bring himself to denounce the white supremacists or the terrorist who plowed through a crowd of counter protesters.

We must resist this. We must stand up against white bigotry and promote the advancement of American minorities. This despicable behavior is unacceptable.

If they came to my town with their damn swastikas and tiki torches, I'd be out there countering them myself.

Donald Trump, go to Hell. And take all your racist followers with you.


anne marie in philly said...

FUCK YEAH! I don't get all the ignorance/racism/hatred of white losers. notice they are mostly guys too; probably have small penis syndrome.

and as one of my other blogger friends pointed out, no one is stopping the dump and these alt-right idiots.

Bob Slatten said...

"I'm not even going to start on the Confederate flag, except to say that Sherman should have been more thorough."

Perfectly said.

And if yesterday doesn't spur the majority of us to stand up aaginst this, then Charlottesville will just be the first.

Ol'Buzzard said...

These are the Trump base - they are the people at his rallies. These people have always been around: they supported the inquisition, they burned witches, they were present in Russia, in Italy and in Germany - They rise up from their lairs when we don't call them out.

We are selected about who we call out: I agree the KKK is an acceptable target, but churches persecuting gays and demeaning women and trying to enact their religious beliefs into law get a pass.

It is funny how we allow ourselves selective outrage to bigotry.
the Ol'Buzzard

Harry Hamid said...

These losers don't even know what fascism is. Look at the pictures of them: They're kids in khakis who spend too much time on reddit.

I agree that we need to make it clear to them that this sort of idiocy is not socially acceptable in America. I'm thrilled to see even Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, and Orrin freakin' Hatch condemn them in no uncertain terms.

It would be nice to get the same from the President. But until we have a different President, I'm going to continue to ostracize them, laugh at them, condemn them.

Janie Junebug said...

Commentators on MSNBC are complaining that Trump hasn't denounced supremacists. How can he denounce what he's promoted? What he represents? He called for this. He has what he wanted, and he will get more.



they lost..the germans lost and the south to emulate them is to be a bunch of losers too..we should do like the's illegal to use the nazi salute or to fly the nazi flag..we should do it here and I hope our next president will do that..and ban the confederate flag..make it illegal to fly it..fuck them ..

Professor Chaos said...

Hear, hear!

Jono said...

Fearless Leader is going to get his ass handed to him soon. The deplorables have started showing their faces in the daylight. Also a big mistake.

koi seo said...

This is correct. Unhappy people lash out and make everyone else's lives hell too to make themselves feel better. Unfortunately, we need to do a lot of work to make these jackweasels feel happy and snuggly warm and content about their lives.