Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Wrong War

Honestly, the Orange Menace at his lowest, basest, and most disreputable, hit on the truth.

When asked what would heal racial wounds in this country, he said, "Jobs."

He's absolutely right. He just doesn't have a prayer or a clue how to get the jobs we need.

You're always going to be able to turn over rocks in trash-filled drainage ditches and find Neo Nazis and White supremacists. But they would be fairly content to dwell under there, sucking on sewage, if they had halfway decent jobs.

And now they do have determined opposition. Anti-fascists are training to fight back literally against the hate criminals. Game on! And what you get, sadly, are real casualties.

Listen, my friends: The anti-fascists are not "alt-left" radicals. They are anarchists who don't believe in any government at all. Can you blame them? Do you have faith in this government?

When I see young men fist-fighting in the streets, shouting hateful slogans, and plowing people down with cars, what I see are workers who don't have jobs. The enemy isn't the other young white guy. The enemy is the ownership class.

All the wealth, all the growth, has funneled right to the top of our society. We have a few people who have way too much money and a ton of people who don't have enough. The problem is that the few are so removed, so insulated from ire by gated, guarded compounds. The few pay "newscasters" to manipulate and re-direct hatred. The few encourage race wars and political divisions. This piles on the insulation for the moneyed class.

The rich always smile when workers fight with workers.

I read in the news that one of the Neo Nazis at the rally was recognized from a photograph. He lost his job. His job was serving hot dogs at a Top Dog restaurant. How frustrating is it to be in your twenties, and the best job you can get is at a hot dog joint? Take that anger, and fuel it with Fox News vitriol against liberals, and you get a person who is furious against the wrong target.

The rich always smile when workers fight with workers. And this fight is joined, and it will be joined because good jobs aren't going to materialize.

We need a solid working class in this nation. People are so desperate for it that they voted, stupidly, for a snake oil salesman.

There are indeed two sides: those who have too much, and those who have too little. Who is the real enemy? We're bashing the wrong heads.


Janie Junebug said...

Well said.


Ol'Buzzard said...

You get rid of racism by condemning it and exposing it to the light. Republicans aren't actually interested in jobs. Their Senate and congress ran in 2008 on bringing about jobs and instead they blocked job bills - they will only get behind cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Tax Cuts for the wealthy.
the Ol'Buzzard

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're right, Ann. Fox News and the alt-right exist precisely to MISdirect the anger of the disenfranchised AWAY from the corporate takeover of the American economy and government. The Koch Brothers must be smiling right now.

Professor Chaos said...

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I guess tRump can be right once an administration.

jenmoon said...

This is correct. Unhappy people lash out and make everyone else's lives hell too to make themselves feel better. Unfortunately, we need to do a lot of work to make these jackweasels feel happy and snuggly warm and content about their lives.

koi seo said...

I agree that we need to make it clear to them that this sort of idiocy is not socially acceptable in America. I'm thrilled to see even Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, and Orrin freakin' Hatch condemn them in no uncertain terms.


Sierra Sue said...