Friday, January 06, 2017

Why I'm Marching #1: Production for Use

I thought I would give my reasons for marching in order of importance. I've changed my mind on that. There are so, so many reasons to brave freezing temperatures and a long day on flat feet in Washington, DC for a march against the Republican juggernaut. No use to front load all the big ones.

Here's a reason that I would put on the lower end of the "Why I'm Marching" scale -- probably because I live in a state with tough gun laws.

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people."

Well, folks, I don't believe that. Here is a meme I had to make myself, because apparently no one else has thought of it:

What is a gun? It's a tool. What does this tool do? It shoots bullets. It has been produced to shoot bullets that can kill things.

Gun owners can spend their whole lives shooting tin cans off fence posts, but bottom line, the whole reason for gun production is to be able to kill another human being. You shoot at the tin can so your aim is good when the time comes to use your tool for its primary raison d'etre.

I call that "production for use."

President Obama called constantly for comprehensive background checks as a precursor to gun ownership. Candidates Clinton and Sanders were both anti-gun. Candidate Trump enthusiastically endorsed gun ownership.

A government run by Republicans will be very tolerant of rampant gun purchases with little to no oversight of the individuals purchasing the tools.

What is overlooked in the heated discussion on the free purchase of firearms is how profitable they are for the factory owners who make them. Each weapon costs a lot of money. Someone is making bank. And there are those who profit from the sale of ammunition and the rental of target practice facilities. Somewhere out there, a person is living large on the profits of these tools, while other people are mourning the deaths of loved ones when the tools were put to use. Don't ask me how these people can sleep at night. They must have "Guns Don't Kill People. People Kill People" written on their mirrors with shaving cream.

I will be marching on January 21, 2016 in Washington, DC because I believe that no individual who is not on active duty in the military should be allowed to own a semi-automatic weapon. This is my reading of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Guns should only be in the hands of "a well-regulated militia."

I've written a lot about this, mostly after senseless shootings of unsuspecting, innocent Americans. Today was one of those days.


anne marie in philly said...


Debi said...

What has happened to human intelligence I am numb to the level of stupid, illiterate, 1950's BS coming from my neighbours country!
I was forever stricken after SandiHook ...........Nothing Changed? WTF USA?
I am feeling Revolution is in the stars ....... too much capitalism, greed and illiterates with wealth running a country the world once looked to

Be safe at the March, I'm fearful an example maybe made ...........Anything is possible now

In solidarity 🙋👍🇨🇦

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, another senseless tragedy in a never-ending litany of tragedies.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Good for you - I wish my wife and I were able to march.
thank you for your involvement
the Ol'Buzzard

Birdie said...

One of the reasons I won't travel to the US is the gun laws scare me. Why anyone feels the need to carry an automatic weapon is beyond me. Yes, people kill people and they can kills hundreds at a time with an automatic. Excuse my language but that is fucked up.

mshatch said...

While I most definitely agree that we need tougher laws that prevent people who shouldn't have them from acquiring weapons, and I hate the idea that anyone could be carrying and suddenly decide to go off, I tend to be more moderate on this issue for two reasons. One, hunting. There are a lot of people who own guns specifically for this purpose and I am in favor of hunting (for food, NOT trophies; that's despicable imo). The other reason is that there may come a time (maybe in the next four years, God forbid) when we will want those guns to protect ourselves not from someone who might break into our house but from the government. To be honest, that's the scenario that most often comes to my mind when I think of why I might want to own a gun. Because you never know.