Wednesday, January 04, 2017

My Next March Won't Have Satin Parasols

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" I'm Anne Johnson -- white, female, worker.

In 17 days I will be heading to Washington, DC to participate in the Women's March on Washington. The very day I heard there was to be such a thing, I signed up to go. Since then I have read everything on the Internet about the march, both positive and negative.

Day before yesterday, I read a negative. It is called "The Women's March on Washington Has Already Failed."

Long story short, the article suggests that the march lacks focus. What is the main aim of this protest? There are so many factions! For some people, it's about women's health. For others it's about health care in general. Some people are worried about the environment. Some people are opposed to tax cuts for the rich. There are LGBTQ folks and Black Lives Matter folks and gun control advocates and opponents of charter schools. So, who's in charge here?

Who's in charge? Who cares! Look at all these concerns! Which one is more important than the next? Do we need to prioritize them?  Okay, then. I offer my own humble prioritization:

1. climate change
2. social safety net
3. human rights

This is just my opinion. I mean, really. This is just me.

It would be really nice if the only purpose for the Women's March on Washington was the preservation of women's individual rights to choose what happens to their bodies. One issue! Great! Except that, all at once, all of these huge issues are crashing down simultaneously. To choose one, and focus just on that one, would marginalize the others. And that goes for any one of the concerns listed above.

Plenty of people will line up to tell you that protest marches have no lasting effect on public policy. The marchers gather, shout, disperse, and that's it. No one needs to pay attention to silly marches. They don't matter.

Bamp! Wrong.

Let's run the highlight film of the twentieth century, shall we?

Oh my goodness! This march on Washington had no lasting impact on public policy! Heck, the guy in the photo wound up getting shot! (*Anne being sarcastic*)

Marches can, and do, change things. The changes don't happen overnight, the moment the tired protesters go home and take off their shoes. But the changes do happen. Marches can become defining moments in history. Not all of them do, of course, but enough of them do.

I suppose when some cheeky reporter tells me that a women's march has already failed, I just have a hard time believing it. Yes! Maybe on January 22, 2017 the march will look like a failure. But maybe, over the long haul, gathering 200,000 (or more, I'm hoping more) citizens in the nation's capital, for a dizzying array of serious issues, will influence public policy in the decades to come.

Does this march need a unifying theme? A focus? I don't think so. In fact, the more voices we get, and the wider diversity they represent, the better. Not one issue, not one person, should be left along the margins.

Over the next two weeks, I'll be giving you all of my many reasons for marching. When I'm all through, maybe you can help me decide what to write on my sign.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends. Will I see you there?


anne marie in philly said...

WE THE PEOPLE are pissed off! what MORE reason and unifier could there be? RESIST the orange shitstain!

and thank you for marching in my name.

mshatch said...

I wish I could go but since I can't I will cheer on everyone who does. My boss said the same thing about protests, that they're useless and a waste of time. I disagree.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Marches send a message. Even if it's a multi-pronged message, that alone is enough to justify marching.

Jono said...

Go for it! I'll be cheering you on.

yellowdoggranny said...

I'd give my left tattooed tit to be able to go

Debi said...

Every protester is a vote! NEW blood in government must see what your country truly holds important!?
Now MEDIA can't be trusted..,,,,.the usual long time trusted media, can't be trusted...,.,NOW this hurts me........NO accountability, No trusted Media outlets............WTF! Wickieleaks is taking names of twitter users and accounts are being monitored ( I have ny RT's tampered with)

Be Safe! Anything is possible to happen, it isn't a time of thinking government
My heart and prayers to the Universe are with you.......ALL. 🙋❤️👍🇨🇦