Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here It Comes!

With apologies to my friends Down Under, this equinox has been highly anticipated here in the snowy north.

I don't mind the cold weather so much, and I love snow, but the dark days are hard to bear. The moment when our daily allotment of sunshine becomes greater than our allotment of darkness is always greeted with a cheery what-ho around here.

Now lively Persephone escapes the clutches of her cold but beloved Husband and returns to Her grieving Mother, Demeter. As any loving mother would, Demeter responds by bathing the land in green, by bidding every living thing to step lively again.

In the decades before this blog was born, I used to send Demeter a Mother's Day card every year because no one seemed to remember or worship Her anymore. All of that has changed! She is now a busy deity with many fervent members in her praise and worship team. When I sent her a text message Thursday at 12:57 p.m., I didn't hear back from her for three whole hours, and then it was only a brief <3 anne="" i="" u=""> I call that progress.

Light an extra candle for your deities tonight. Thank Them for seeing you through the dark spell. And whatever else you do, don't petition Them for a winning lottery ticket. I've never met a deity who wasn't pissed off when you ask for winning numbers. You're breathing. That's a win.

Happy spring!


Lucretia said...

Happy Spring Equinox!! And what makes it even better?? I read today that Phelps has gone where the sun don't shine...

Stacy Porter said...

I wish you a very blessed Ostara! :)

Aquila ka Hecate said...

You can have Persephone back...we'll only need her again in September!
This particular locus of the Southern Hemisphere has been drowning in rain. Rained since the 28th Feb., practically without stopping, which is very, very unusual.

Terri in Joburg

Michael said...

Hello from!!!! So glad I found your blog! I'm really enjoying reading through it. I was googling fairies and stumbled across your entries about the fair folk and really appreciated your information.

Lots of love and take care!
<3 Michael

Davoh said...

Patience, patience. Us dingbats in Australia (well, this part of a large-ish island continent) need it for a few more weeks. Has been creating thunderstorms; which are giving us much needed rain.

We'll give Old Sol back to you; just wait ... heh.

Anonymous said...

When you sent that Mother's Day card to Demeter, what address did you use?