Thursday, March 06, 2014

My Very, Extremely, Wonderful and Green Transportation Machine!

Welcome to The Gods Are Bored! Decibel and I are here today to tell you about our fabulous and wonderful life, just a few days shy of 55! (Actually Decibel is 55-27= 28.)

In a way it's the same old story. You know the drill. You're hard up for money, you're driving the same car you drove in the 20th century, and the old bird just ain't what she used to be ... even with large infusions of cash. Then she dies, and the mechanic who lavished such $$$ attention on her offers you the princely blue book sum. And suddenly a two-car family becomes a one-car family, second car also being a junker on the brink.

One of the only things I really had going for me in these belt-tightening days of taking in boarders and shepherding 87 urban kids into basic literacy was my little putt-putt economy car. But now that our big, burly sedan has gone to the scrap pile, the putt-putt becomes dual property.

And somehow I can't bear the idea of being picked up and dropped off at my urban high school when most of the senior class has cars.

But you know me, right? Is Anne one of these "woe is me" kinda gals? Oh HELL no!

My daughter The Spare has a roadster that has sat idle so long it's kinda rusty and faded. But that lil' baby works. All I need is a visit to the bike shop for some oil, seat adjustment, and a helmet, and off I go into the wild blue yonder!

I used to ride my bike everywhere when I was a stripling. And I grew up in some seriously hilly country. The only hills in these flatlands are the inclines on the overpass bridges. It's 4.5 miles one way to my school. Come on, Joe. That's seriously a piece of cake.

The timing could be a little bit better, because daylight savings time starts Saturday, which means it will be pitch dark at 6:15. I might have to suck it up and get driven to school for a few more weeks. Then spring will arrive, and with it blue dawn mornings, and by golly, they say you never forget how to ride a bike!

Some people might say, "Anne, you're going backwards! You've had your own car for 13 years!"

Well, I have some witty reposts for that:

*I am going backwards in many things, so what's one more?
*First World problems! There are plenty of hard-working miners in Sierra Leone who would love to have a rusty roadster!
*It's time to lower my already-rock-bottom carbon footprint even further! Living close to where you work, or working from home, is one great way to save the planet. Now I'll be driving even less!
*Yes, this sucks, and yes, I have had to make extreme compromises due to the changing employment climate. But damned if I'm going to wallow in self-pity. Okay, maybe I'll allow myself a little self-pity. Okay, maybe I'll wallow. But I'll do it in the plastic chairs on the front porch, because (not exactly sure of this) tears may stain upholstery.

When all that's left to me is my flawless chintz settee, at least I'll be able to point to it and say, "That's my chair, and it is perfect."


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm scared to death of riding a bike in traffic. Doesn't matter HOW green not driving a car is.

You're a trooper, that's all I can say.

Stacy Porter said...

You're brave! I'd be scared to ride my bike in traffic. Are there sidewalks or space for bikes?

Anne Johnson said...

There are sidewalks most of the way. Can't say it isn't scary riding a bike around here, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Anne Johnson said...

Updated April 2. I have walked home a few times now, and I think that will be my plan until the really hot weather kicks in.