Friday, February 14, 2014

Viking Valentine

This is a Viking Valentine.
It says, "Kiss me."

It took the finest minds among the college set to translate this series of runes, and you can only imagine how disappointed they were to find that the message was so mundane. Why, we Americans say this all the time!
I'm thinking about the Viking Valentine. I'm wondering if the person got his or her kiss.

1. Sometimes people say, "Kiss me," and they get a kiss.

2. Sometimes people want to say, "Kiss me," and they don't have the nerve.

3. Sometimes people want to hear "Kiss me," and they don't hear it.

4. Sometimes people are faced with a combination of  2 and 3. This can be frustrating, but it makes for great drama.

5. Worst case scenario: Sometimes someone says, "Kiss me," and in reply the other person says, "I'd rather kiss a rabid reindeer."

I sure hope the Viking didn't hear that after going to all the trouble to carve those runes!

For more information on the Viking Valentine:


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Fascinating! I have developed a thing for Vikings.


every since I found out our family probably originated as viings I've had a thing for them too.