Monday, February 03, 2014

State of the Bored Gods

When you're a teacher, snow days are kind of like going on a bender. You know you're going to regret it later, but at the time ... whoopie!

Time is not of the essence today. It's a snow day! I'm catching up on the chores I didn't do because it was Imbolc. Otherwise ... chair, book, tea and chat with Decibel.

It's a good day to address the State of the Bored Gods.

I started this blog way back in 2005 to serve as a meeting place for deities who had lost their praise and worship teams to the Big Guy, the Great He-Man Busy God. Over the years, quite a number of bored gods and goddesses have stopped by for interviews, some of them nursing grudges against the Great I Am, and all of them missing the worship they used to receive. They chafed at being classified as "myths" (nor do I blame them), and in tough economic times they had trouble finding jobs.

Therefore, I am pleased to report that many of these deities are no longer bored.

I'm not taking a bit of credit for this. I'm chalking it up to, in no particular order:

1. social media
2. backlash against fringe Christians
3. renewed interest in cultural heritage
4. deeply-held love for, and concern for, Mother Earth
5. the search for authentic, soul-based spiritual experience, and
6. Pagans connecting or being confirmed in their beliefs by wider interaction

Whatever the reason, things are really changing for the bored gods. Don't believe me? Try getting one on the phone! Oh yeah, they might text me back, but it's always something like 2 busy 2 day ttyl luv u.

Now, please don't think this means that this little playground here is closing down! Never! I intend to keep right on interviewing deities ... except now I have to make appointments around Their calendars. Hey, it's all good. They're happy, I'm happy, and it's snowing. 


Stacy Porter said...

Who do you think you will interview next?

BBC said...
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Anne Johnson said...

Stacy, is there a deity you would like me to interview? Last year I talked to Cupid on Valentine's Day.

Stacy Porter said...

Oh my Goddess, I didn't notice you commented back! I would love love LOVE if you would interview Artemis! :)

Cliff said...

'The Big He-Man God,'... I like that! My name for Him is 'Big Daddy in the Sky.'

Any chance you could get a hold of Vulcan?

I really enjoy this blog of yours... please keep it coming!