Monday, June 03, 2013

In Which the Bored Gods of Guatemala Give Us All a Gift

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Wow, those ancestral deities of Guatemala have really got some plum material in Their holy hands! Let me explain:

As the school year winds down, I've been having my freshmen write a research report. I told them they could write about any famous person they wanted, so long as they used the school library databases and not Wickedpedia.

I have a student who is an immigrant from Guatemala. He works very hard, and I don't think he has been absent a single day this year. Of all my students, I've seen the most progress in his work, because he does every assignment to the best of his ability.

Long story short, he chose to research a Guatemalan singer named Ricardo Arjona. And in his report, he wrote that this singer is the first one from Guatemala to achieve any sort of international recognition.

I asked my student to find me a YouTube of this Ricardo Arjona, because I had never heard of him.

By all the bored deities of every pantheon that ever was into the mists of time, this singer is the handsomest human being I've ever laid eyes on. Apparently I'm not alone in that assessment, because his YouTube below has many more hits than you would expect from someone living in Guatemala.

What I like about this video, other than the incredibly handsome singer, is the footage of the country itself, including the monuments to the bored deities of that region. The fact that the video includes the pyramids leads me to believe that the bored gods of Guatemala heartily endorse this person. Rightly so!  Echo would freakin forget Narcissus in a heartbeat.

So, anyone who wants to see a really, really really sexy singer (admittedly the song is Top 40 fodder) should click on the video below. FF through the stupid commercial, but be grateful that the money from it is going into the pocket of Ricardo Arjona.

All hail the bored deities of Guatemala! What a silver foxxxxxxxxxxx.....!

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Anonymous said...

i can't agree with you about his looks, but I enjoyed the video. Though it seemed inconclusive -- what do the words mean?