Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The amount of paperwork thrown at teachers during the final weeks of school is incredible.

My printer keeps malfunctioning due to the humidity in the classroom.

My overhead projector is overheating due to same.

Not a single student wants to learn anything. They have cashed out. Their minds have left the building.

When I introduced the summer reading and handed out the books, you would have thought I told them to do 90 minutes of vigorous calisthenics in the hot sun every day for the rest of the summer. Many solemnly swore they would not read the book. At least they took it.

I'm tearing out my hair. Soon I will be bald. I could say I'm looking forward to final exams, but I will have about 300 pages of work to read before June 17.

People who bad-mouth public school teachers ought to have to be one ... for just a few hours.

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