Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Double Secret Cone of Shame

Decibel and her poppet and I went to the vet this afternoon. It seemed the wily parrot, having nothing else to do for extended hours of the day and night, had figured out how to circumvent the Cone of Shame.

This was of concern, because Decibel's wing is healing. The poppet is holding up its share of the bargain.

The only option was to wrap Decibel in an even bigger cone. Poor thing! And on her birthday too! What a way to turn 25, huh?

I'll post a photo of the new, double-secret probation Cone of Shame when I have a pulse. In addition to everything else, I'm coming down with the flu.

This is a good place to deliver a strongly-worded sermon:

Do not purchase a caged bird. They are not domesticated. They need far more stimulation than they get sitting in a cage all day, and after they bond with you they will want no other owner. Which is a life sentence of wild animal care. Including biting and screaming loud enough to set off the smoke detector.

If you want a nice bird pet, put up an outdoor feeder. Then you will have lots of happy chickadees and no neurosis.

I love Decibel, but I feel awfully sorry for her.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Is it truly impossible for her to bond with another caregiver, one who could lavish attention on her? Is there not a lonely pirate somewhere who needs a new parrot for his shoulder, arrr?


I'm sick sucks..
there is a bird sanctuary in might google it..


I'm sick sucks..
there is a bird sanctuary in might google it..

Anonymous said...

I grew up with a grouchy parrot. His previous owner decided she was sick of him and told us to take him or she would just get rid of him. He's a lot happier and calmer now than he used to be (people who remember him will say "Wow, your parrot's so much nicer than that psycho your client had... wait, they're the same bird?"), but he's still a grumpy parrot who needs a lot more attention and stimulation than we're able to give him, one who used to be wild but can never, ever go back to the way he was. It makes me sad to think about it sometimes.

Ms. M. Brubaker said...

In Panama, the wild parrots did not disappoint. They staked out their territory in the trees that encircled the local elementary school, which just happened to be next door to my mother-in-law's home. These bright red birds enjoyed mimicking the gym teachers, and during class time, would shout out commands to the school children "corre!corre!" (run, run).

Ms. M. Brubaker said...

Wild parrots in Panama do not disappoint. "corre!corre!" to the school children while they are outside during gym class.

kjbrooklyn said...

Would it help to get another parrot?