Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Conducting Important Missionary Work Today

I don't know about you, but I dislike missionaries.

It's not just that their sex position is a little bit boring. It's that they all seem to work for the busy god, in one way, shape, or form. Seems to me their God doesn't need the leg work.

Upon hearing today that one of our intrepid American ambassadors had been killed by a faction that ascribes to the busy god, I began to re-think my lack of personal missionary zeal.

Maybe it's time for me to knock on some doors.

If you've just arrived here, mistakenly thinking I'm the newest voice for teachers' rights, you may want to biff off now. What I really am is a High Priestess for the Sacred Worship of Vulture.

Have you had enough of these religions where people kill other people and think it's a holy thing? Come join us in the Sacred Worship of Vulture!

I'll dispel one myth, and you'll be ready to pledge.

Vultures do not kill anything that isn't already 90 percent dead. And they much prefer their food to be really, really dead. In my religion, you will never hear anyone say, "I killed that sinner because Vulture told me to." Vultures don't kill! And they don't want followers who do!

You could stand on a roadside and insult a vulture until you are blue in the face, and it will not be offended. Vultures are called nasty names all the time. Does it bother them?  Nope. They are not jealous or wrathful or easily angered. If you frighten them, the worst they will do is barf.

You'll never see a vulture hoist a bloody standard and sally into the fray. Very peaceful bird. They don't even squawk. (Decibel, please take note and try to be more holy.)

All that remains, then, is to ascertain that Vulture's prophet (that being me) can also be insulted without demanding revenge on the disrespectful.

Trust me, unbeliever, I can be insulted. Grievously. I can be dismissed with a disdainful flick of the wrist, lied to bare-faced, trash-talked and mocked. You could fling a rotten vegetable in my direction and say mean things about my mama. And still I would not ask anyone to deck you on my behalf. Nor would I deck you myself.

The High Priestess of Vulture is basically wimpy, like her deity, and expects you to be wimpy too.

There may be a few individuals in this big, wide world who deem me capable of extreme foul play. Don't believe it for a millisecond. All followers of the Sacred Worship of Vulture are forgiving of insult and unwilling to do harm.

Join now! Needless to say, there are no dietary restrictions. As for clothing, we have no restrictions down to, and including, your pink skin. No sexual position or inclination is disallowed, so long as no one gets hurt and the furniture remains free of stain. The only commandment is to harm none.

Church of Vulture: Don't kill. Wait for it to die. Don't hate the infidel who calls you names. Give that person a mirror. Soar over it all, exercising patience and embracing solitude.

Time to pass the plate. Dig deep. The parrot vet is costly!


TanteFledermaus said...

Can we have capes? Big, swoopy capes with white tips?

tinita said...

Good Luck Guys!. May God with you all always in your mission in life.

the family international church

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think you should go door to door in your Sacred Thunderbird costume. Hit the JWs and Mormons first, okay?

Em said...

Love it.

Maebius said...

You know Anne, keep this up and I'll be barfing when frightened, and soaring along with you (in spirit) as a devout Vulture Priest.

You make a rather excellent case for this particular Dogma. (Said with appropriate tongue-cheekness at the irony of Dogmatism in your Worship)

KUBIANDO, and PRAISE to the bored goddess posting here. :D

BellaDonna said...

I want a black swoopy cape. Where do I sign up??

Anonymous said...

Love this!

Also want to add that the vulture's role is to clean away the carrion, removing germs and waste. Vultures are recyclers, taking away the old and dead so that the new can be born in a fresh environment.

Anonymous said...

If you do go door to door in your thunderbird costume, you might consider bringing a bodyguard/witness.

Jesse B. said...

You consider yourself a vulture priestess, but I noticed in you profile that you are also interested in Christianity and Intelligent Design. I am a devout Christian and have a blog where I share Bible studies from God's word. Maybe you'd like to check it out.