Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fighting an Urge

Friday I got my first teacher paycheck of the year.

I didn't celebrate by going to the bar and getting wasted. Those days are behind me now.

Instead, I went to the thrift store.

There's an absolutely awesome thrift store near my school. What a great place to unwind! Plus, there are bargains galore. I found a pair of Lenox crystal candle holders that rock the block!

Alas, there was a down side to the thrift store on Friday. The place was loaded to the plimsol line with Halloween decorations.

Have you noticed that people are starting to decorate the exteriors of their homes for Halloween in extravagant ways? Maybe this is a phenomenon unique to New Jersey. But I doubt it. When there's money to be made, manufacturers will follow any trend.

In my mind I see my front yard (which isn't very big) as Halloween Central. Orange and purple lights, giant jack-o-lanterns, bats, ghosts, strobe lights, appropriate noises, and (this is my all-time wish) a fog machine. In my dreams, tourists drive by my house to see my Halloween display.

Alas, the budget does not permit me to entertain the idea.

Already there are several crazy Halloween houses all set up here in Snobville. I've never been jealous of lavish Xmas displays, but the Halloween ones ........ want it!

I'll have to see what I can accomplish on a shoe string. Good ideas are welcome.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I have Halloween Yard Display lust too, Anne. But then I think of how much work it must be to put the props up and then take them down again, and all the space needed to store that stuff, etc. etc. and the lust passes.

So every year we just stick with our two carved Jack-o-lanterns on the front steps, along with our 2 rubber rats, Cardinal Ratzinger and Archbishop Fang.

Davoh said...

Hang in there, sweetheart - even the um, spirits, of the Southern hemisphere have a squizz now and then. Cheers and best wishes.

Anti Kate said...

Get some tp cardboard tubes. Cut eye shapes in them. Put glow sticks in tubes. Put tube in bushes and whatnot. Voila! Scary glowing eyes.

Anonymous said...

We have a friend who has a pumpkin carving party every year. Some people take their pumpkins home, but some don't. People get very creative.
My only other idea is to start buying up stuff cheap on November 1st, and take a few years to build up a collection.
Good luck!

Laura said...

Don't happens in NC too. :-)


Anonymous said...

We used to decorate, sadly, there are too many thieves and vandals around to make the effort worthwhile. When we were doing it, I built our collection one new piece (made or purchased) every year. I miss the decorating, so I share your lustful thoughts.