Friday, August 10, 2012

Decibel Update/Marginal Issues/Witch Wars

Hi folks! Give your bored deity some praise and worship today!

The vet just called with Decibel's vitals. She is improving, and she's acting like a baa lamb for them, allowing them to hold her and pet her, which -- trust me -- she wouldn't dream of doing in her daily environment. The cage they have her in is like a jail cell, but when I visit they let me hold her (I'm baffled that I still have fingers). She'll probably be in the hospital another six or seven days, making the tally for her recovery twice as much as her initial purchase price.

The other day I called gay marriage and other voter-distracting issues "meaningless." That was not the proper word to use. Human rights are never meaningless. I should have said "marginal." Too many people are casting votes for their legislators based on single issues, disregarding the more widespread and dire problems, with global climate change heading the list, at least in my playbook. Our economy is so broken. It's getting worse every day, too. How long can this go on? Just in this household alone, we will be facing pay cuts next year as high as 15 percent! This is outrageous, and we aren't alone by any stretch of the imagination.

Next topic: Another round of what I love to call "witch wars." It seems like, no matter how large or small the group, right down to, but not including, solitary, you will often see arguments and drama that adversely affect the religious experience. Much has been written in many venues about this. I have to laugh, because I wonder how many of the people who are concerned about "witch wars" have ever worked Children's Sunday School at a Methodist church. Or sung in a choir led by a good-looking director. Or went to a high school with a cross-town rivalry. Yes, yes, I know we Pagans are supposed to be setting a good example for future generations and other religions, but people are people. Everywhere.

If anything, the Pagan ranks may be loaded with irate people, because some of us come from traumatizing experiences with Methodist Sunday Schools. We're the ones who said, "This just isn't right," and maybe we're just wired to keep on saying that, wherever we wind up.

Personally, every whiff of drama I smell from a Pagan group sends me running. At my age I am not going to deal with factions or cults of personality, or divisions in philosophy engendered by heated argument. The bored gods hear me when I praise and worship them all by myself.

Some people need their Covens and Groves, and some people can go it alone. If you are having trouble with your group, you should try solitary. The only drama you bring to that Circle is your own.

Oh! Free advice! Sorry ... I'll have to issue an I.O.U. if you want me to pay you for reading it. Decibel's in the clink, Spare needs an Apple laptop (MUST BE APPLE) for school, and it's August ... the month when every school teacher can't buy a cup of coffee.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

My cat is exactly the same way at the vet's -- a total sucky baby. But get her home and ROWRRRR watch out! Glad Decibel is doing better.


Dexter always acts like his visit to the vets is for him to show off..and he does.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you all saw it, but I suggested a couple of posts below that we each send a few dollars to help with Decibel's care. Anne posted her mailing address there.

Hecate Demeters said...

Glad Decible is recovering. My theory about Witch Wars is that I am too damn old for the drama. I fight with people for a living. Damned if I'm going to do it in my free time.