Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tidbits of Information

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" If you are new here and have come to this location for information on Buddy Miley, well, ahem ... this is actually a zany site run by a wacky woman who can't keep her faeries out of the wine. But welcome anyway! We're all about laughter here. Or mostly about laughter. Sometimes a rare chuckle. Trying for at least a little hmmm hmmmm occasionally. Not always getting it.

Whoa. I just looked out my window and saw two goldfinches fighting in mid-air! I didn't know they did that! Mockingbirds, yes. Finches ... learn something new every day. (Maybe the finches learned it by watching the mockingbirds.)

Tidbits of information for immediate release:

1. Mr. J's car broke down in Reading, PA last Saturday. I've had to make two trips out and back, first to get him, and then to take him back to the mechanic shop. It's a longish drive. But he and his car are okay. Today is his birthday -- now he gets the senior citizen discount. Can't tell you how thrilled he is about that.

2. Heir is having a swell time in Norway, learning all about castles and stuff that we don't have here in the USA. She calls me on Skype, and we talk just like the phone, and she swears it's free.

3. I am reading American Gods, by Neil Gaiman. I like it so far.

4. Ivy is growing into my shrine. So far it looks beautiful, but I know I'll have to watch carefully for excess coverage.

5. The other day I was near a J Jill store. I went inside and saw two pieces of clothing I liked. The total came to $110, so I passed on the purchase. Next day went to the thrift store and got very similar items (not kidding) for $10. If you would like lessons on how to do this, we can arrange it. But I'll bet you already know.

6. If you have ideas on how I can set some pretty new wallpaper on my blog, please email me at luvbuzzards at yahoo dot com. It's time for a change.

7. I don't know why I am so reluctant to upload my novel, Gray Magic, to Kindle and Nook. What is holding me back?

8. I set a big mound of tree limbs and brush at curbside for pickup, and the Borough of Snobville will not take it for some reason. Now it's all dried out, and the only thing keeping me from setting it on fire is that it's already too hot around here. I can't compost these big limbs!

This post is somewhat like a "Dear Abby" letter written after smoking toad. Pinky swear I haven't done toad today. It's Mr. J's birthday, and I don't want to be slobbering wacky when he comes home from work.


Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday Mr. J!!! Welcome to the land of senior discounts (check out Septa!)

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Dj said...

if previous doesn't work you can look here.

Alex Pendragon said...

Mr J was born the very same day as ME? REALLY? COOL! Tell him hello from one Cancer to another! Happy birthday, Dude!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You should get "Mr. Johnson" one of those T-shirts that say: "I'm a Senior. Where's my damn discount?" Happy B-day to him!

Kristen Eaton said...

Loved American Gods :) Will look forward to hearing what you think of it.

Anonymous said...
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