Monday, July 11, 2011

Dan Says It Better Than Me

A few posts back, I chided modern Christians (using my standard "Gods Are Bored" snarky tone) for showing no interest in social justice as America becomes more widely polarized between the wealthy few and the struggling many. A commenter took me to task, blaming me for tarring and feathering ALL Christians, when SOME are working their butts off for social justice.

Here's what Dan Savage has to say about the well-meaning liberal Christians out there. If this shoe fits you, wear it bravely. Don't call me narrow-minded. I only report what I see and hear.



does the expression few and far between ring a bell?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

As always, Dan Savage makes a good point. But it still would be a good thing to distinguish Fundamentalist Christians from the rest of the herd when we're criticizing them. Not doing so blurs important lines. It's like feminism saying that "men" are the problem instead of "people with patriarchal beliefs and values." Big difference.

Kathy said...

My problem with liberal Christianity is the way some of them try to live on both sides of the road. Jim Wallis's so-called social justice groups don't extend to gay and lesbian rights apparently because to do so would rock the boat, which means lower funding.

It really all boils down to money in the long run.