Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Great Grand Album Challenge

Well, my friends, there's so much going on in the world right now that I wish I had time to write more. I promise I'll have an interesting post tomorrow or the next day.

In the meantime, I have three weeks. The clock is ticking.

Three weeks to load my MP3 player with everything under the sun. Then the stupid monthly subscription fee runs out. We've been paying this fee for over a year without downloading a single snippet of music.

Therefore I intend to make up for lost time. I'm going to load as many albums as I can. That way I recoup the money we've spent for the doggone Rhapsody all along.

Fling your recommendations my way! I do not like jazz. I'm pretty versed in classical. I'd rather swim in Jello than listen to most Broadway, so forget that too. Never liked opera. If it's country music, it has to be edgy.

Need: music that gives you that extra boost at the end of the day. Ethnic music, especially Scottish and Celtic. Fusion, so long as it has a beat. Drums. Dance.

What do you like that the bored gods would party to? Make a list and check it twice. Subscription ends April 27.

And yes, listening to this little MP3 player is like being let out of silence jail. Currently "Earth, Wind & Fire." Highly recommend. Although it pegs me age-wise.

Please don't recommend The Residents. I will block you.

Peace to all -- some Walt Whitman this week, I think.


Teacats said...

Emerald Rose.

Loreena McKennitt.

Blackmore's Night.

Would you like individual song lists?

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

miakoda said...

Ooooh, music! Oh dear. Prepare for braindump:

I suspect you might like Iron and Wine. They're Americana alt-folk, but sometimes they get a really good groove on. The "Woman King" EP is my favorite, and has some excellent Pagan themes, to boot. (The Decemberists also, but listen to samples first to make sure you don't mind Colin's voice.) There's Corvus Corax (if you don't mind bagpipes), and their Scandanavian counterpart, Korpiklaani. The old Dead Can Dance CD "Spiritchaser" is great for a sort of ambient groove -- it takes a lot from Native American influence. Apocalyptica makes my favorite "classical" music, hands-down. Look for Govinda in the New Age section -- he does some awesome mashups of Indian/Celtic music using both traditional and electronic music. (Actually, the old Kula Shaker disc "K" was a sort of funky '60s + Indian + '90s Britpop mix, you might be amused by that, too.)

OK, I'll stop now...

Teacats said...


A grand song for the Spring Season and the May Day -- and a fine tune for dancing at the end ....

and may I add one of the best albums: Jethro Tull "Songs from the Wood" -- try Jack in The Green for this Season too!

Anonymous said...

Faun, especially their album "Renaissance" - it's kind of like Pagan Medieval music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiBAInUQ80w&feature=related

Any Hedningarna (Swedish folk-rock) is also awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNspwOxCsJA ('Pornopolka'; lyrics from an old love spell) or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cARpIQvGVbA&feature=related ('Tuuli', a wind spell - it takes a minute to get started, but stick with it - it's a great song.)

Gjallarhorn is also a fabulous band: check out their video song to the Goddess of Spring: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjLTrKuK_Wg ('Suvetar')

Teacats said...

And another couple:

"Celtic Book of Days" David Arkenstone

"Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings" David Arkenstone

"Atlantis" David Arkenstone

"Myths & Legends" David Arkenstone

Teacats said...


"The Hills They are Hollow" Damh the Bard .... and also his "The Cauldron Born"

alex Pendragon said...

I thought that any music you download from a subscription service "goes away" once that subscription lapses. I think you only pay for the "use" of the music but no pay, no play. That's why I purchase all my music I really. really like and listen to internet radio to find new stuff.

Need I even mention Gaia Consort?

Aquila ka Hecate said...

I love all the suggestions so far.
But Gaia Consort is my absolute favourite among them.

Also, you say you don't like Jazz, but I'd peg Earth Wind and Fire as verging on it.
In that vein, I don't like HipHop-actually I abhor it, except for one duo-Resident AntiHero.
And Falling You for utter brain re-formatting.
Terri in Joburg

SilverWolf said...

"The Best of Enya" - Enya

zocy said...

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miakoda said...

I'd never heard of Gjallarhorn before; that "Suvetar" song reminds me of all the best parts of Faun. Gorgeous!

kazari said...

The Waifs
John Butler Trio
Mumford and Sons
The Audreys

The Kitchen Witch said...

One of my personal favorites is The Decemberists; they are an indie rock band. The Mariner's Revenge is an awesome song but it will get stuck in your head forever! The Hazards of Love is amazing, I'm totally addicted to that album.


I went to get my boobies smashed yesterday and they were playing Japanese flute music..blew me away..calming and serene..I loved it.

Kim in AK said...

Alela Diane
Angels & Airwaves
Antigone Rising
Cake- Especially Sheep go to Heaven
Dar Williams- Listen to The Christian and the Pagan- a favorite holiday song in my family.
Drive by Truckers
The Duhks
Jaons Isbel
Matt Lewis Band
Moxy Fruvous- All sorts of Canadian fun
Old 97's
Screaming Orphans
Soul Coughing
Souther Culture on the Skids- Doublewide
Tim Easton
Tristan Prettyman
Uncle Tupelo
The Weepies

Cant forget Kerosene Dream!

I tried not to add anyone that had already been suggested. Can you tell I have my ipod handy?

Erik said...

I will third the Decemberists suggestion, with the caveat that the new album ("The King is Dead") might be your best place to start, given what you've said here and elsewhere about the kind of music you listen to... "Hazards of Love" is great stuff, but not the most accessible musically unless you really really like prog rock. "The Crane Wife" album is also excellent, and is where I really started with them.

If you don't mind Spanish, I am very fond of Ximena SariƱana's debut album, "Mediocre" - jazz-inflected pop/rock, very infectious.

JaAnBe said...

Malinky, if you can find them. Saw them in Romney and they're great

Dj said...

Drop Kick Murphy's
Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams