Monday, April 11, 2011

Advice You'll Have To Pay for, but Worth It

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Ah, there's nothing like the first warm days of spring to remind me what a lazy lump I am and how pathetic my garden grows. I can look out my window and see my neighbor pruning her perfect flower beds ... oh hey! I can see them, and not my own yard! WIN!

Some of you have asked me how to lure faeries to your garden. You will be happy to know that there's a new book out called The Faeries' Guide to Green Magick from the Garden. It is by Jamie Wood with gorgeous illustrations by Lisa Steinke.

For those of you who can grow rosebushes through cracks in the sidewalk, this pretty little guidebook may be far too simplistic. No doubt you have herbal books that you use to press sunflowers. But for newbs like me, this little guide gives the names and purposes of several dozen herbs, flowers, and even trees, as well as recipes to make teas, breads, and remedies. There's advice on green gardening, magickal gardening, and co-existing with the fae. On this basis, I would heartily recommend it to those who've contacted me on the finer points of making the backyard faerie-friendly.

Given the fact that my one and only claim to fame is a half decent compost pile, I'm likely to derive some benefit from this book beyond just the quick essays on summoning faeries. That is, if I get past staring at the paintings. They really are beautiful.

As gardening season gets under way (for all the rest of you -- I see it as outdoor nap time), you might want to pick up a copy of The Faeries' Guide to Green Magick in the Garden.

Now. Where's my hammock?


Alex Pendragon said...

When they write the comprehensive guide to gardening from the comfort of an air conditioned house, I will buy it. I'll buy two.

Maebius said...

this looks to be quite the interesting book.
If I get a copy by Beltaine, I wonder if I could get some Spoutwood Fae to sign it, merely for the nifty momento it would then become.

Davoh said...

'Tis working toward Autumn (Fall? in your part of the planet).. and the faeries are seeking warmer climes.