Saturday, March 19, 2011

They Are All for Sale

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," liberal pro-union communist pinko subversives since 1981! I'm not a member of the Communist Party, but if you're blue you must be red.

In the previous presidential election we Democrats all had a big choice to make. Hillary or Barack?

The largest labor unions supported Hilary Clinton in the primaries. I should have listened to the buzz.

Honestly, Barack Obama is the biggest disappointment of a president that I have experienced in my long and varied life. Mind you, I'm no stripling. I had a viable memory when President Kennedy was shot. I watched John Glenn head into space.

And yet, at age 51, I succumbed to a dynamic young man whose platform was "Time for a Change."

Would someone please convince me that this president has done more good than harm?

--Prisoners are still sitting in Guantanamo without the benefit of representation.
--Energy companies are still raping the land with wanton abandon.
--The Big Money interests are rocking on with no more oversight than they had under Republican watch.
--To my mind, the worst (until tonight): A president who garnered every single pro-union vote in the nation turned his back on organized labor in Wisconsin and has been absolutely mute on the subject of workers' rights.
--And now we're bombing Libya. I'm sorry, but what's happening in Libya has to be settled in Libya. America has spit in the eyeball of national sovereignty for 110 years and counting. This is all about our oil supply. Civil wars rage in Africa, genocides continue unabated, and we don't lift a finger. If it happens in a country bubbling with crude, we bomb.

President Obama, you're a disgrace. You promised to support collective bargaining. You haven't. You promised to shut down Guatanamo. You haven't. You said things would change. They have. For the worse.

You had a bully pulpit. Why didn't you use it?


Bird said...

Amen sister. I share your sentiments.

Maebius said...

Sadly, I agree.

I had higher hopes for this man. and lost faith long before today. :(

Pom said...

It's so funny to think that the day he won the election I actually feared for his safety. Yes, he's had more threats on his life than any other president in history. But I should have been more fearful for us.

I think you forgot one - New Orleans and her victims still living in FEMA trailers. *sigh*


where is the man I voted for? it's not the man I got..

Lavanah said...

I campaigned for Hillary in the primaries. When she withdrew from the race, I, like she, threw my support to Barack Obama, because the alternative was worse. But he never had my love. Now, I am not even sure he rates my respect. I cry (sometimes in rage, sometimes in pain) for my country.

The Kitchen Witch said...

He didn't use it for fear of losing the 1% of the Republicans who voted for him in the election. He was trying to be bipartisan and he let the Republicans be the party of no without putting his foot down. It isn't that he made things worse he just didn't do anything to make them better. I too feel betrayed by him, I supported him and he has just let the Republicans get whatever they wanted.

Intense Guy said...

300,000,000 Americans and the last two (or more) Presidents are the best we can do?

Its so sad - but of course, "we" the USA, the promoters of "democracy" do not even come close to having one at home. 90% of our "laws" (regulations) are formulated and passed by non-elected government workers in the various agencies (FDA, FAA, and so on) because Congress opted out of doing their jobs.

It will only change when we have REAL public "servants" and not careerist lawyers running this country for big money entities.

Term limits, real campaign reform, and other actions are going to be needed. I however, no longer believe I'll live long enough to see it happen.