Monday, April 05, 2010

Space Shuttle Through Service to Pittsburgh and Points West

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," with malice toward nuns and charity toward owls!

Just kidding about nuns. I've never had much dealing with them. I think overall they must be a good lot, with some exceptions of course. They must save a bundle by not ever needing marriage counseling. Talk about a situation where the husband is always right!

Ah. As you see, we at "The Gods Are Bored" are back in the bad saddle and ready to rumble. It's spring break this week, and that means a new post every day! Oh joy!

Just now I dropped the Spare off at high school. I was listening to the news radio, and honestly, here's what the guy said:

"The space shuttle Discovery just made a successful launch. Where is it going? Stay tuned to find out!"

I guess I should have stayed tuned, because I've been under the impression that the space shuttle goes into space. But heck, I could be wrong. Maybe its destination this time was Disney World. Maybe it's going to do a flyover of Paramus, NJ and then land in the Hudson Valley. Could be that those astronauts needed to get to Kansas ASAP, and the space shuttle was just sitting there, all fueled up with nowhere to go.

I know that these news stations all use teasers to get us through the commercials. As teasers go, promising us that we soon will learn the destination of a recently lifted-off space shuttle was sucky at best.

Gosh. Do you think the Space Shuttle Discovery is actually headed for Olympus? That would be awesome!

Maybe I should have stayed tuned.


Maebius said...

Charity towards owls? check out the trailer for "Gurdians of Gha’Hoole" coming to theaters soon. :)

otherwis,e yeah, I liek the space shuttle as much as the next person, but really "Stay tuned?" They could be providing realtime possitioning I suppose. It's overrussia, no wait, the pacific, no, Alaska, now Kansas, no, make that Georgia. Heck, goes all the way around once in 90 minutes or so. Would just HAVE to be a running commentary full coverage blanket-reporting. I suppose such things would justify "Stay tuned!"


Dancing With Fey said...

I vote that it was Percy Jackson's chosen method of getting to Mount Olympus. =D

Alex Pendragon said...

I've experienced nuns. Catholic nuns. With rulers. Vile, cruel creatures who despise children perhaps because Christ must wear condoms and they NEVER get to bear his children! Yet us mortal young ones suffer the consequences of this celestrial unrequitance........

Did that make any sense?

kimc said...

Michael -- they CHOSE to not have children. I think it's more the syndrome of how a small amount of power tends to go to one's head, inclining one to use that power to the utmost, but not necessarily for the good or comfortable.
Of course, these people are people who are exceptionally good at convincing themselves that anything they want to do IS for the "good".