Thursday, December 17, 2009

Change of Heart

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," celebrating another day of living! Yeah, yeah. Rock on, geezer friends!

Tonight I drove by the Snobville Library, where there's a lit-up Christmas tree and a lit-up Menorah. Something in me just snapped. (I'm not decent to be around in the dark days). I decided that Snobville ought to have a Pagan display on its lawn too.

Off I went to the local hardware store (never Home Depot). I bought a pine wreath that I could stick into the ground. I bought some more of their weird mistletoe that claims to be real. I thought about the little holly tree growing under a pine, and the tons and tons of ivy in my yard. All just wonderful for a Pagan Yuletide display on public property!

Now it's three hours later. I'm in my warm house. The wreath is outside. The mistletoe is still in the car.

I ask myself: Why would I stick a perfectly good wreath on the library lawn, when I have a shrine to all bored deities right in my own back yard?

What would it prove to stick a wreath on that lawn? Nothing, since Christmas trees are Pagan in the first place.

I have come to my senses and will use the wreath, holly, and ivy to festoon the Shrine of the Mists. There will be an All Gods Eve on December 31, and I want the shrine to be spiffy.

Tonight's question to my legions of superior readers: Do you mind if I use the plural "gods" to describe all deities, male, female, and totemic? If not, can you suggest something more inclusive that is readable?

Heir is coming home from college in an hour. I can't wait to see her!


Dancing With Fey said...

"What would it prove to stick a wreath on that lawn? Nothing, since Christmas trees are Pagan in the first place."

I burst out laughing at this!

As to your question...I don't know. On one hand it somehow doesn't seem quite right, but on the other hand I've been known to say "gods" when referring to gods and goddesses myself.

Unknown said...

I think Gods is all encompassing myself but if you want an alternative Deities is also all encompassing.

Lavanah said...

I agree with Geek Wife. I use word Deities if I want to use one inclusive word. The feminist in me can admit to the word Gods being inclusive, but I don't like it.

Alex Pendragon said...

I'm always having to catch myself in order to add the plural, out of habit born of my early Catholic programming.

Please, don't ever say "God" as though the universe really was being run by a patriarical maniac.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

Deities, yes.
But somehow this blog's name wouldn't quite sound the same...
Terri in Joburg

Laura said...

I'm with Geek Wife I think all Deities are encompassed under Gods. :)

Servitor Lucem said...

Well, we use the word "dogs" to refer to both dogs and bitches, so I don't see why "gods" can't be used to refer to deities of both genders. I mean taken as an aggregate.

yellowdoggranny said...

the Goddess doesn't care..

Anne Johnson said...

Wow! The Goddess answered my question on my own blog! Thank you, Blessed Goddess!

Anonymous said...

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Lynda said...

Please, Please, Please take pics of the Shrine of the Mists with the Yuletide decorations and post here.

Pitch313 said...

I don't mind if you use "gods" to mean "the aggregate of deities of all possible or maybe none at all genders."

It works in English.

But some folks do not, it seems, care much for this usage. so I generally say "deities" rather than "gods." Even when it sounds a bit klunkier.

Teacats said...

Another reuqest for a photo of The Shrine of the Mists with the Yuletide decorations please! Thanks!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

miakoda said...

Gods or deities, either is fine with me. I tend to use The Divine when my usage encompasses gods, Nature, spirits, ancestors, etc. -- my version of Anne's big, broad, flexible outlook.

Kudos on completing the first semester of Mr. Bigwand's classes, BTW. If nothing else, he's helping you practice your patience and self-control, so you are getting something out of it! ;)