Saturday, September 05, 2009

Blogger Family Values

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where our deities have family values! Why do they have family values, you ask? Well, they're families! All hail polytheism, the family-friendly way to praise and worship!

This morning my daughter The Spare and I went to the flea market. We had a good time and made a dollar holler. A little jewelry, a few threads of clothing, virgin pina coladas (had to fight the yellow jacket hornets for those), and a California Raisin for The Heir. This afternoon Spare and I put together my roll book for school. I have 104 students. *nerves*

The big news here at TGAB is that The Spare has started her own blog! I know she would love it if you would go over and wish her luck with it. She's going to be a busy little beaver in the coming months, so I don't know how much staying power she'll have. But I'm flattered that she would even want to blog.

Spare's the lucky one in my family. When Heir was a teenager, I was still a church lady. Heir had to go to a milder version of "Jesus Camp," and she's never let me live that down. Now along comes Spare, and she's treated to user-friendly Druid Grove, no one coercing her to be born again or sing happy happy churchy songs.

Even as I write this, Spare is sitting next to me, typing away on her latest entry! I hope she's not writing anything bad about me. (I guess that will happen the next time I say "no" to something she wants to do.)

In other news, Mr. Johnson is just home from Wegman's supermarket, where he stormed to the Customer Service Desk with a complaint. It seems that Cosmopolitan magazine's newest issue has a headline reading, "The Sexy Ass Workout." Mr. Johnson felt that this was not something a family-friendly supermarket should have displayed for its young, impressionable visitors. Reader, you cannot know how happy I am that Mr. Johnson thought this was an outrage, an insult to everyone who sees it, and not an item to purchase and bring home to me! I guess that's what happens when you become the father of teenagers, and not one yourself.

It seems like a lovely evening to light up the Shrine of the Mists and perhaps send a little incense to the bored deities to their everlasting honor. So, if you want to go see The Spare, you can click here. Tell her I sent ya. And don't bookmark it yet. Let's see how she proceeds.


Olivia Johnson said...

HEY! Who says I wont keep up with it! Hur-umph! I challenge you to a blog off mother! Pssh cory may have had to go to jesus camp but I had to sit through long hours off day care! They made me take naps and drink milk! You missed out on the cutest time in my life. I mean I was so adorable! Well my friend good day! By the way, visit my blog "Highschool, My Dear Watson" where people arent called busy little beavers I mean really!

THE Michael said...

Anne, Olivia, I just went to visit the new blog and......well.......WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BLOGGING!

Anne, you did SOMETHING right....this girl is TALENTED! And, she seems to have a very sensible and humorous head on her shoulders. I can see why you and Mr Johnson probably have no plans on selling her.

Good work, girl, keep at it and show your parental units you can blog with the best of them.


oh you know I will stop by and say howdy..I can't wait..

Sarita said...

I'll definitely have to take a look at The Spare's blog. :) I'm glad she's discovered the joy of blogging. I know I have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

Totally off-topic, but did you know yesterday was International Vulture Awareness Day?

I can't link either.

Pitch313 said...

"Family values."

Families may have them. Magazine cover blurb writers don't. They gotta help sell magazines. Photo(shops) of sexy asses sell, so maybe words will, too.

Besides, words change their meanings. I don't think "sexy ass" describing a workout means the same as "sexy ass" describing a person...or a burro...

Anne Johnson said...

LOL! Hi Nun!

Maebius said...

great photo (I'm thinking that's the Faerie Fest grounds behind you?)

I'll swing over, to the burgeoning bloggette's spot now and have myself a look-see. Yep. :)

Lynda said...

Please, a picture of the Shrine of the Mists.