Friday, August 20, 2021

Hope Is a Thing with Oak Trees

You know that even in the Wild, Wild West there were people who planted apple trees and built schools, right? That's kind of how I feel about Facebook.

The platform is a dung heap of buzzard-gagging proportions, but how else would I be able to keep up with the Southampton Township Historical Society? (They have a page.)

You see, the Southampton Township Historical Society is the historical body responsible for the area that my ancestors called home from the earliest 1700s. The president of the Society posts all kinds of stuff about that area. One day I clicked in, and there was the obituary for my great-great grandmother, who died in 1947. All kinds of stuff like that. And there are a lot of people following that page ... 939 to be exact. I'm probably related to 938 of them.

It was on this page that I saw an offer, by owner, for a small property in Southampton Township. The property is a quarter mile from the churchyard where my great-grandparents and great-great grandparents are buried.

Earlier this week, I went up to see the property in question. It's small. But I am in love.


I was expecting a steep, rocky thicket of scrub pine trees with no place to even set up a pup tent. Instead the land is a growing hardwood forest that has achieved enough maturity that the floor is springy with leaf mold and there's ample space for a cozy campsite.

This picture doesn't really capture it. The trees are tall. They're hardwood. No invasive species, no poison ivy, no place for rattlesnakes to hide.

I love it. I want to buy it. I want to be a citizen of Southampton Township again.

Working on it. Wish me well!


Katrina said...

Very best of luck to you! It looks wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

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Laura said...

i agree about facebook. it is a sesspool and i hate spending time there but art groups i'm in keep staying there as the way to keep in touch. ugh... i wish you the best of luck that you are able to get that property. it looks beautiful!


yellowdoggranny said...

will give the goddess something shiny for you..i think she would like the idea of you being where your ancestors are.

Anti Kate said...

All Good Wishes!

Debi Livsey said...

Beautiful spot indeed! Well done, make this your own. I look forward
to more to come!

pam nash said...

A place that's lovely and a jump closer to past family? Sounds good. Will send positive thoughts.

e said...

I'm setting an intention for this piece of heaven on earth to become yours. You would be the best steward of the land!

Regarding the social media site, I still have an account but I never scroll through it anymore. I have set notifications for when the people I love post and I can check those posts directly through my email. Far less exposure to the cesspool that way!