Thursday, November 28, 2019

Oh, the Things I'll Never Buy

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," Thanksgiving edition! And considering there was no Halloween Edition, or Veteran's Day edition, I think it's a sign of life.

Black Friday is upon us, followed closely by Cyber Monday. The principal beneficiary of our need to purchase gifts is a company called Amazon.

I was all for Amazons when they were fearsome female warriors. I still endorse them wholeheartedly and wish they would return in numbers. But the company called Amazon? May it tank and burn as if struck by the Flaming Meteor of Doom.

About a week ago Mr. J ordered something for me from Amazon. He has a Prime membership. He placed the order about 9:00 on a Friday night, and the packet got flung on the porch before noon on Saturday. I was impressed.

I guess in the back of my mind I knew the dark side of this delivery. But imagine. Me, a good Union girl, not really confronting the scourge that is Amazon Prime!

Here's an essential article on the business from Atlantic Monthly magazine. It will make you stroll out on Cyber Monday and buy the first locally-sourced gift you see.

No more Amazon for this writer. I can't enjoy products that represent the worst sweatshop since the heady days of Upton Sinclair and the meat-packing plants.

The thing that makes me angriest about Amazon is that its founder is so putridly rich that he could hire ten times the number of employees and pay them ten times as much, and he would still be so rich that he couldn't spend all his money in ten lifetimes.

We can't let this go on. Where's Upton Sinclair when we need him?

On a happier note, Melania Trump went to Baltimore to make a speech to middle school students and got a hearty round of full-throated boos. Out of the mouths of babes sometimes come gems.


anne marie in philly said...

did you hear the first whore boooing clip? EXCELLENT!

I buy 3 specialty medical supplies I require on amazon cause (a) the local CVS/walgreens/store pharmacy does not sell these items, (b) another medical supply house wanted to charge me triple the price, (c) I can have the package shipped to my office, eliminating the porch pirates. I am having difficulty walking these days and require a cane to get around.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Corporate success is always built on the backs of underpaid, overworked labour, isn't it. A sobering thought for us all.

Janie Junebug said...

Has Jeff Bezos jumped on the kajillionaire bandwagon and agreed to give away a big chunk of money? If not, I hope he does it soon. He doesn't make me quite as angry as the Walton family does. Poor Wal-Mart workers.


Ol'Buzzard said...

In the near future it will be all automated
the Ol'Buzzard

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