Sunday, July 14, 2019

Above the Law

Probably every society in the history of humankind has had members who, by virtue of wealth or military might, are above the law. These people view the rest of us as so much sand spilled on the floor.

It's sickening enough to know that we're keeping people in cages in conditions we wouldn't inflict upon the chickens we eat. But to also know that a wealthy businessman like Jeffrey Epstein flung paltry amounts of money at little girls while ruining their lives and robbing them of their innocence is just 1,000 miles past infuriating.

I know someone who got 10 years in jail, no possibility of early parole, for having child pornography on his hard drive. He is now a registered sex offender. In fact I don't even know where he lives, because he cut all ties with everyone who knew him before he was arrested.

Epstein got a flick on his wrist, swatted it away like a fly, and went right back to his party life and his penchant for trafficked women. Trust me, we will never know the extent of it -- or, if we do, it will be because one side wants to smear Donald Trump and one side wants to smear Bill Clinton. And a third side might have it in for the British royal family. All of these sick pukes are in this together.

Once you get rich enough to make your own rules and buy off the law, it's the Wild, Wild West.

This is why Goddess-based religions exist. We, the grains of sand, need to feel that we can exert some agency over this despicable, depraved exploitation. We want to be able to stir up potions and create hexes and otherwise rage against those who want to dominate. A pox on religions that say to take this stuff lying down! That is exactly what the Jeffrey Epsteins of this world want us to do. I say, let's take action in the apparent world and on the spiritual plane! Demand justice from the courts. Demand full disclosure of partners in crime. Demand that sentencing guidelines be followed. And then petition the Goddess to smack these beasts until they crumble.

The moral character of this nation is so low it's got to look up to look down. I am longing for a principled leader, a majority religion that isn't awash in hypocrisy, a tearing down of walls between the "have too much" and the "don't have enough."

At dawn we ride. So might it be.


anne marie in philly said...

epstein IS a registered sex offender, yet he was allowed to continue. HOW THE FUCK does that happen?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Let's hope the FULL WEIGHT of the Law comes down on him this time.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

If Epstein is a registered sex offender how in the hell was he still allowed to travel abroad, and why was he still able to enter all these different countries---to not get turned away by their Customs Officials?


Bohemian said...

Since he was a Registered Sex Offender and so High Profile, clearly a LOT of Blind Eyes were turned, implicit in what he got away with in the Decade of his corrupt Deal from the previous serious offenses. Power corrupts and absolute Power absolutely corrupts... yes, so many are all in this together!

Matte Blk said...

This is a Way where you can
get ideas FROM our wurxx -
I have a lil German in me, too:
my Brooklyn grandpa was
half Kraut; he became an
undertaker who used to kid,
'Nope. No shortage of cash.
Somebuddy's always dying'.
I find that extremely hilarious:
I'm a NDEr now.
Who knew??
God bless you.
I love you, too.
A lot...