Monday, January 14, 2019

Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Can you believe it? Barbie turns 60 this year. I actually think she looks younger now than she did in 1959.


To be honest, as a little girl, I found Barbie disconcerting. I didn't like her big tits or the fact that her feet were constructed so she could only wear high heels.


What do you know? Her tits are smaller, but she's still wearing those heels! Come on, Barbie. Eat some cake! You're too thin!

Actually I have some very good news for Barbie. I, too, was born in 1959. In just a few weeks I'll be eating a whopper of a cake -- and Barbie can help me polish it off!

Gosh, I can hardly believe it. I'm almost 60. I feel blessed to have come this far. Sure, there are aches and pains, but I'm hardy and working every day. All the same, 60 can make you a bit existential. Unless you're Barbie.

Readers, I have arrived at the age of 60 hardly having done any traveling at all in my life. So this Spring Break I will embark on an epic quest for my Thunderbird soul-mate. I'll tell you about it very soon!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm two years older than Barbie. I got my first Barbie doll when I was 7, except it wasn't really a Barbie, it was a cheaper "Judy" doll. She had a blonde bob, flat feet and wore sensible shoes. A harbinger of the future, LOL? My second Barbie wasn't a Barbie either, but her best friend "Midge," with the freckles and curly flip in her hair.

anne marie in philly said...

my spouse will also turn 60 this year in october, my sister in june. I am able to sign up for medicare this year (dreading it).

you don't look nor act 60; you are really 40. keep on truckin', sister!


never played with dolls..and mojo hated barbies..and her grandmother would keep sending her barbies and finally she took each one of the dolls and ripped the heads off and took a picture with them all in a row on her bed and sent it to her more barbies