Monday, January 21, 2019

An Open Letter to Nick Sandmann, Future Supreme Court Justice of America

Hello and welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," your Pagan pathway to paradise! You know what's good about bored deities? If they're warlike, they're just warlike. They don't pose as coo doves and then smite. That's hypocritical and dishonest, don't you think?

EXHIBIT A: Today's Poster Boy for the Modern Era

Y'all probably know this story already. The young white creature is Nick Sandmann, a teenager from private Covington Catholic School in Kentucky. He and his classmates (pictured in rear) got into an altercation at the Lincoln Memorial some time after the annual Right to Life rally in Washington, DC.

There was a great rush to judgment based on this photo, so I took the time to read the grinning white boy's version of events. And I must say, he would fit right in here in Haterville. He casts himself as a victim with a total lack of irony.

The story he tells says so much about him. As if you'd need to know more once you saw the MAGA hat.

Apparently these fine Catholic youth were minding their own business at the Lincoln Memorial when some African American men began to taunt them. In Sandmann's account, these Black men called the good, white Catholic boys all sorts of names. So, in response, Sandmann asked his chaperone if he and his buddies could chant SCHOOL PEP RALLY CHANTS, and the chaperone said YES.

Picture this in your mind. Especially if you're a school teacher.

So you have taunting on one side, and chanting on another (from white teenagers wearing MAGA hats), and then you get a drumming Native American who tries to diffuse the situation.

Well, you can't blame the drummer. Some fucking chaperone was inciting his or her charges to riot, instead of quietly steering them out of trouble.

This is what white privilege looks like.

I have absolutely no time or energy for these Catholic schoolboys who go into Washington, DC (population about 60 percent Black), having no respect for the urban environment or what they might encounter there. At a moment where a thinking student or chaperone encountered taunting, that student would turn and quietly walk away. Let's not even talk about what Jesus would do, because ... oh, just see above, first paragraph.

Any woman who has ever walked the streets of a city and has gotten taunted would have known what to do in this situation. But white men? White men don't know shit about this. It's never happened to them. Or to their fathers or grandfathers. It must never have happened to the chaperone, either.

White Catholic boy, your MAGA hat speaks for you. Wear it the wrong place, and you've got to face the music. You won't like the tune. But hear it with humility. You go to private school and are bound for a life of wealth and contentment. The men who challenged you at the Lincoln Memorial? Not so much. Not. So. Much.

But that brings me to the silver lining of this fable.

Nick Sandmann, given the political tenor of your home state (which I would never be foolish enough to visit in my car with its New Jersey plates), you have a bright, bright future! Someone will have to pick up the torch from Mitch McConnell, and you're just the fresh-faced Republican to do it. But why stop there? Everything about you just screams Supreme Court Justice. Are you doing your requisite beer parties with all those fine, young, white pep rally chanters you hang out with? Are you getting drunk and preying upon the fresh-faced Catholic girls in your circle? Oh good. Just checking. In that case, all is well! You're on your way to the big time!

Readers, I double dog guarantee you this sad excuse for an American will face no disciplinary repercussions for this at home or at school. Nor will his chaperone, who was either on some super strong mushrooms or was just a clueless rube. White boys get away with this shit. Always have.

And once again, we see the Catholic church at its finest. What a rotten God! It's disgusting.


Ol'Buzzard said...

White privilege says it all. Then add Kentucky and Religion and you've got the Trump base.
Kentucky is a beautiful place with an interesting history, unfortunately religion sours it all.
the Ol'Buzzard

mxtodis123 said...

Just seeing his stupid grinning face turns my stomach. He could of turned and walked away at any time, but he chose to stand there and taunt.

Bob Slatten said...

His is not the face of someone being terrorized, his is the face of terror.

anne marie in philly said...


Anonymous said...

You people are idiots. Ignorant and hateful. Racist and judgemental. Should be ashamed of yourselves.

The Mage said...

Have any of you seen the more complete videos? How all the bigotry was by everyone but the kids? The videos match up exactly with what he said.

Don't let people think for you, no matter what side they are on.

BTW, I am an atheist, and I am opposed to religious bigotry. Unlike too many I believe that includes all religions, and the lack of it. Christians are not exempt from this. I see no difference between hating a person because they are Jewish, Christian, or Pagan.

I also want to address one of the comments here. It is something I have seen repeatedly, so obviously put out by one of the sheep who can't form their own words, similar to the chant, "It's okay to punch a NAZI!"

But who are the Nazi's?

"Anyone you want to punch."

Let's not pretend we are fighting hate by promoting it.

hekates said...

For many people, simply wearing the MAGA hat is the same as wearing a KKK robe or a swastika. You are believing this kid - who comes from a school that did blackface at a basketb all game over a veteran? This kid is in the wrong, the chaperones are super in the wrong. Making tomahawk motions at Native Americans really screams "i am not going to hurt you.P

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, that poor little victimized fresh-faced innocent young boy! Makes me think of that scene in "Cabaret" where the Hitler Youth kid sings "The Future Belongs to Me."


the entire video shows a different story..but I really don't care cause them little fuckers and their hats..brought it on themselves.

Professor Chaos said...

I've seen some footage of these smug little pricks harassing women on the streets of DC prior to this "confrontation." Sandman's story is such obvious b.s.

Vivian Swift said...

My grandfather was born in 1900 and he was poor and white from the sticks of Pennsylvania. He was a very nice guy when he was sober, but he drank a lot and he would get mean. He never, so far as I know, punched a human being, but he used to break the kitchen chairs slamming them around while hollering about all the bad guys who were evil and corrupt and ruining America. When I was a kid I used to think he was a moron, but then I got older and I realized that he never, ever, uttered the N-word (which for a white guy of his time and place, is remarkable) and the people that he hated with a white-hot passion where: Republicans and Catholics. From what has come out about the evil of at the Catholic church sheltering pedophiles and child rapists, and about the Republicans since the turn of this century, I think the guy must have been a genius.

My grandfather would have happily broken a kitchen chair against the back of those smug little Covington bastards, and me -- I'm my grandfather's daughter.

KAS said...

HI. I was there that day. I had to wait until 3pm to check into my hotel in Arlington area; I wanted to stroll through the Mall a bit, from the NM to LM. I parked my truck at the NPS area and payed the associated toll meter and stuck my ticket in the dashboard. I passed a group of these MAGA Kids, around two hours or so before this incident. There was a large group of Native Americans speaking through a mic and there was many others dancing and chanting, PEACEFULLY. When I passed by a larger group of MAGA kids, same ones from Covington, they jeered at me when I snickered, in a fun way, at their hats, ignorant, self righteous, condescending, self important, privileged smirks and comments and they mocked my snicker at them until I was long away...but before that, long before that, other smaller patches of their larger group, were making sure they got the eyes of EVERY SINGLE person that walked by them on the mall, up to the first steps of the LM. They WANTED a confrontation, they were all egging each other on, they WANTED to have people negatively comment on their hats, its why they had them on, its why they were in pacts, hunting, its why they are all guilty, not just Nick, but the entire lot, including their chaperones; they wanted to incite a riot, and nearly did.

I didnt think twice about my interaction with them, until a few days after I got back to the Boston area. I worked from DC West into deep parts of WV and I am a yank through and through. I love it there. Then I got home and saw this story. I have no political opinion one way or the other, and I don't believe in a deity, (just an FYI), so I'm telling you this story to benefit no party, and I could care less who is in office, so my details to you are not bias in any way; its just the truth.

I'm disgusted to think this kid could bank millions in a settlement, because the news had it CORRECT the first time to call him out, and they went and apologized to this cretin? Sick, sick sick.

His friends cheered him, he became an icon at his school, a symbol of hope against those they mocked and laughed at, and in this time, in this day and age, in this crest of wave of ignorance sweeping our youth, it will only inspire others to mock those that deserve so much more than what these disgusting, sad, trite, privileged SOB's gave to the folks that were speaking that day on the steps of the LM.