Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Many Uses for Kidnapped Children

TRIGGER WARNING: This post is not funny. It contains ruminations on child abuse.

A few years ago I took a tour of a place called the Coriell Institute. At Corielle, scientists are trying to engineer stem cells to grow new organs. They are also working on reversing the aging process.

This research is funded by billionaire philanthropists. It's a tax write-off.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why super rich people would want to fund this kind of research. They live the high life, and they love it, and they want to live forever. They're funding Coriell hoping that it will be able to reverse their aging and provide them with new organs.

Trouble is, scientific research takes time, and some of these billionaires are getting up in age. What if they need a heart, and Coriell hasn't perfected their heart cells yet?

Let's rewind a bit.

When I was in college, I had a professor who had fled Cuba in the 1950s. He wrote about Cuban prisoners, and how their organs were "harvested" when people in the ruling regime needed them. There's also the well-documented case of "the disappeared" in Argentina. Young people who vanished without a trace, leaving behind frightened and grieving parents.

There are more than 2300 children floating around our country right now. It's clear that some of them are in for-profit care centers and ultra-Christian foster homes. But are they all accounted for? Will we ever know for sure that these children have returned to the arms of their mothers? Frankly, I wouldn't believe it if I witnessed it with my own eyes.

America, welcome to the Heart of Darkness.

My family says I'm crazy. History says I'm not.

Defenseless children are trafficked.
Defenseless children are enslaved.
Defenseless children are valued for their healthy organs.
Defenseless children can be used as research subjects.
Defenseless children are easily "disappeared."

When Donald Trump was elected, with a Republican majority in both houses and a Supreme Court seat left deliberately vacant, I braced for the worst. But I never imagined this worst.

Somewhere, a billionaire hedge fund manager needs a new heart. Somewhere, a little refugee kid is having his blood typed.

Reader, I am sorry. This was once a humor blog. But that was before everything I joked about the most actually came true in the apparent world.

To the wealthy donors of Coriell Institute: The Reaper will come for you. You can only delay Him. And I hope you do ... long enough that you will be able to look up into the sky and see the asteroid that will lay waste to you.

The wrath of the Gods onto billionaires.
The wrath of the Gods onto "prayer warriors."
They are creating a Hell and calling it holy.


Professor Chaos said...

Someone posted that picture of a child in a cage on social media asking "Republicans, are you okay with this?" Several responses included the idea that we should be harvesting these childrens' organs. (Other responses included "No I'm not okay with this, he's still breathing," "Why isn't the cage wire electrified?" and "Smash his fingers with a hammer so he won't be able to grab the fencing." These people are beyond sick and if there is a black-market organ selling ring using these children for parts, I would not be shocked. Sickened, yes. Enraged, yes. But not really surprised.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's well-known that institutionalized care puts kids at risk for sexual abuse by predators among those hired to "care" for them. I wonder how many have fallen victim to this already. My heart aches for them.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I knew it would be bad, but like you I never dreamed this bad.
the Ol'Buzzard



Anonymous said...

My partner says this is what fascists do. I am just as appalled as you all. but how can people applaud this and still think of themselves as decent human beings?
--Kim Cooper

Anonymous said...

My partner says this is what fascists do. I am just as appalled as you all. but how can people applaud this and still think of themselves as decent human beings?
--Kim Cooper