Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Just a Minute Navel Gaze

Don't read this. It's just a recording of one day of my life. Pretty much a typical day for a school teacher.

*5:45-6:45 showered, dressed, fed cats, fed blue jays, made tea and bagel, put on a little bit of makeup, brushed teeth.
*6:45-6:55 drove to work
*6:55-7:04 signed in main office, signed in assistant principals' office, took home room folder to classroom, posted learning targets, went to cafeteria
*7:04-7:34 cafeteria duty, watching students, greeting students, monitoring behavior
*734-7:50 home room, pledged flag (partial), re-iterated directions for tomorrow's dress down day, took attendance, called library to see if it was open to students, filled out missing ID and lanyard forms, got students started reading, checked email and responded as needed
*7:50-8:30 while students read and/or finished up their memoirs, reviewed all finished memoirs in Google Classroom, made notes in margin, created general notes for the viewing screen, monitored student reading, sent students to library/guidance/nurse/bathroom
*8:30-8:40 reviewed guidelines for student memoir, reminded students to capitalize "I" and all proper names (these are 9th graders)
*8:40-9:00 answered questions, reviewed memoirs, exhorted students to finish, and when finished to submit their pieces
*9:00-9:15 student volunteers shared memoirs with the class. Every one had missed capitalizing at least two "I" pronouns
*9:15-9:45 parent conference in guidance office
*9:45-10:00 distributed union updates to my assigned wing of the building (15 teachers)
*10:00-10:30 got students started reading, checked emails, reviewed all memoirs and made notes as needed, encouraged students who weren't finished to catch up
*10:30-10:40 exhorted students to take one last long look at their peer-reviewed work and make sure all capitalization had been done correctly and the assignment covered all the requirements
*10:40-10:50 students did final proofread and submitted work
*10:50-11:10 volunteer students shared memoirs with class. Every one had missed capitalizing at least two "I" pronouns
*11:10-11:15 showed gratitude video.
*11:15-11:20 modeled gratitude chart and letter of thanks
*11:20-11:30 circulated the classroom to make sure all students were on task
*11:30-12:00 lunch
*12:00-1:00 read writer's notebooks (with 70 total, now had 20 left to read, finished 5)
*1:00-1:30 tried to get students to settle down and read, had to raise my voice, had to distribute multiple bathroom/nurse/library passes, one student continued working on his memoir
*1:30-1:45 thoroughly reviewed assignment parameters and reminded students they had all seen examples of "A" work ... students submitted their "D" work proudly, convinced they were geniuses
*1:45-2:10 volunteer students (lots of them) read their "D" work proudly ... strangely all "I" pronouns were capitalized, I suspect the inclusion teacher must have been on them about it
*2:10-2:15 tried fruitlessly to get everyone's attention
*2:15-2:20 showed gratitude video
*2:20-2:30 tried fruitlessly to get students to make gratitude chart, at bell students leaped from the room like racehorses
*2:30-4:35 packed up chrome books and read writers notebooks, commented on each, submitted marking period grades and progress notes, reviewed possible articles for use next week, searched online for related content
*4:35-4:40 talked to secretary who had also come in at 6:55 a.m. about the meaning of life
*4:45-5:00 drove home

It's now 5:45 and I have to make dinner. Then I will need to do further research for articles matching the content of the one I want to use on Monday.

The Gods are exhausted.


Bob Slatten said...

I was tired at 7:34.
Just sayin'.

anne marie in philly said...

cripes, that made me tired just READING about your day. you are a saint; I would not have the patience to be a teacher.

Janie Junebug said...

Your day exhausts me.


Davoh said...

have become 'tired' since 2012 - 're-tired' since 2009.
However, still retain motor vehicles that have to be 're-tyred' every year or so which makes me 'un-tired'.

Davoh said...

o, fergot t mention ... Love and Best Wishes.

Davoh said...

Um, no "god" has ever become 'tired' - but depends on which God has been 'retired', dis-believed ... meh.
There is one that will always be "with" human beings - from beginning to end ... and that is the concept of "Gaia" - planet earth.
And yep, she shrugs ... merely to remind us humans that we are becoming a pest.
(can we "sacrifice" to appease the Volcano gods? Um yes, sort of. It's called using less fossil fuels - when 'Old Sol' already supplies far more 'energy' to this planet than most humans believe - or could even use in the lifetime of this planet),

Davoh said...

O, personally - live in a 'different' planetary time from America - could jest that America's 'today' - is Australia's 'yesterday' .. meh.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

And it gets harder the older we get.

Jono said...

You do this because of the awesome paycheck, right?

Davoh said...

(um, am i allowed risque jokes without facing court marshall these days?).
Um, Debra ... at my age could say that 'it gets 'softer' the older one gets' .... meh.