Monday, October 02, 2017

People Are Dying: Trump Is To Blame

Today one of my students told me that her grandfather is in harm's way in Puerto Rico. With no lights and nay to contact authorities, citizens are facing crime along with a scarcity of every basic necessity. "Three people were killed right near his house," she told me. I have no doubt. This would happen anywhere if people couldn't get clean water and food.

According to the man in the White House (he calls it a "dump"), Puerto Rico should just suck it up. According to him, they're just waiting around for someone else to do the dirty work.

Like this.

And now we have a mass shooting that dwarfs the casualties in most Vietnam War battles. It's beginning to look like Americans are safer in Afghanistan than they are in Las Vegas.

But of course, we have every right to our precious guns. Our festering sore of a president ran on a promise of assuring everyone their Second Amendment rights.

As I've said before, this used to be a humor blog. Oh sure, I've always had my say politically on this page ... but betwixt and between, I interviewed bored deities, wrote about my daughters' antics, and pined for my Appalachian homeland.

Seems like another world, that.

Not my president.


Bob said...

Sad pathetic little man. that one.

Harry Hamid said...

It's almost inconceivable that he'd insult Puerto Rican leaders publicly while the immediate emergency was still going on. Probably a low point of an Administration that is chock full of low points.

anne marie in philly said...

today the dump and his trophy bitch visit PR; gonna be a buncha "thoughts and prayers" cliches, then an admonishment to "git up off yo ass and get to work". such an orange disgrace!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I wonder what kind of a response Trump will get when he visits the island today? Or will his people carefully shield him from any real moments?

Jono said...

Maybe they can drop off the happy couple in the middle of the island and see how well they do.

Davoh said...

Um, Donal Trump is not to blame ...err,um; OK.

the "blame" layes, lies, deep with in the concept of the "Founding Fathers". Some of whom owned slaves, and thought nothing of it.

According to Hollywood myth - exported, with subliminal intent, to every other country with the technology to be sublimated to NOT
"gunship diplomacy" - but 'mind control' via the 'marvels' of 'new technology'.

Has anyone in the Untied States in that small patch of the "New world" ever wondered why there are so few civilian "massacres of the populace" by individuals - every where else?

So, the beginning of the search for facts -

Davoh said...

You can, actually 'look it up'.
First draft amendment -

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. On December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution) was adopted, having been ratified by three-fourths of the states.
Second Amendment to the United States Constitution - Wikipedia

Davoh said...

This, of course was written when the BEST 'civilian' armament was a musket. Yes, the USA "right to bear arms" has been 'fiddled' by successive 'minor amendments' and Federal Courts trying to 'keep' up with technology. ... as an Australian where 99.8% of its population and its politics and politicians have no real interest in 'killing' anyone or anything - find the attitudes of Americans bizarre.

Also, as a long time TV watcher - with choice - will have to say that the difference between American "crime" productions give me the impression that the american solution is any 'barbydoll' factory can produce a 'detective' for to any 'crime' is - within the half hour - to "Shoot first - ask questions later".

As distinct from some now - quality - British TV productions that focus more on the 'humanity'; personal lives, the subtleties; of the uniformed'"coppers on the beat" the human beings trying to 'do their' job.

Meh. If I were in Hollywood, might suggest that you find more 'quirky' actors portraying "officers' of the law" that look as if they were "off the street" and not from some 'Barby and Ben" doll factory ....

Davoh said...

Will repeat Donald Trump is not to blame. While yep, "gamed" the American system - where someone can become "President of the US of A" with less than (whatever thousands, millions) of the "popular vote" and the millions who were too depressed to bother with a "voluntary" vote ....
What else does the 'United'(?)States of America' expect???

There are far better examples of "functioning" examples of
'democracy' around .... heh.

Davoh said...

However, Debra . watching the video here in Australia of Drumf 'throwing paper towels' at the desperate, without water, probably sums up ...

Davoh said...

.. the idiocy of the person. Give water, dickhead.

Davoh said...

Bob Slatten .. Hi .. reminds me of two other blokes in Australia

And Alan Bond.

... though have a sneaking admiration for Alan Bond ...
he, at least, wasted his money on the winning of the America's Cup from the snooty toffs ... meh.