Saturday, June 03, 2017

Climate Change Resistance

It's been very heartening to see the immediate and widespread blow-back against our toxic president and his vindictive, stroke-the-base decisions. The foam wasn't dry on Fearless Leader's mouth before a group of "climate mayors" formed to uphold the Paris Agreement. So far, the governors of ten states -- California and New York most prominently -- have promised to work toward the goals set by the Paris Agreement.

The state of New Jersey, and the borough of Snobville, are not on that list. Our current governor here in New Jersey is the repulsive, abrasive, Trump-butt-kisser Chris Christie. His days are numbered, though ... and when he goes I'm pretty sure lots of Republicans will go with him. In the meantime, I have to ask myself: What can I do personally, in my house and on my property, to resist global warming?

My biggest contribution is expensive, but I'm proud of it. I have no business living in a high-rent district like Snobville. But I've decided to stay, and pay the outrageous property taxes, because my house is 4.5 miles from my workplace. It takes me 12 minutes to drive to work. Even better, Mr. J has a home office, so he doesn't go anywhere. We try to burn as little gas as possible, day to day.

But this is not what I do to resist. I have another thumb-my-nose that hits me right in the feels. You can do it too! Here's some free advice.

People in Snobville are very picky about their properties. They're always weeding, and fertilizing, and mowing, and leaf-blowing, and edging, and planting annuals, and grooming shrubbery. It's annoying. Snobville has many mature hardwood trees, which is a virtue, but the lawns are as snobby as you can imagine.

Behold my very own climate change-resister property! You, too, can give it a try.


This is a maple seedling in my back yard. It's pretty, and look at those wide leaves, just sucking up that CO2! I've got four this size and a bunch even smaller. Used to be I would cut these down (a job I hated). For the nonce I'm going to let them grow.


This undisciplined stretch of ground used to be my vegetable garden. Then one day I just said "fuck it," and I planted native stuff. There's plenty of milkweed, just sitting there waiting for the monarch butterflies -- who haven't come yet -- and I do see honeybees on the flowers. Eyesore? Maybe. Something I have to tend? Nope. And again, sucking in that CO2, spitting out that oxygen, requiring no chemicals or watering. If it was up to me, my entire small lawn would look like this, instead of just part of it.


This oak was a seedling when I moved to Snobville -- in 1987. Maybe I've thwarted its ambition to tower, but it's alive and doing fine. Look at those wide leaves! You can almost see the oxygen wafting from them. I've got three of these basically bonsais along my driveway and two more in the back yard.

The moral of this sermon is, if you can't deed your whole property over to trees, you can let a few of them grow a little bit, here and there, just to capture a little CO2. This project of mine is the stupidest thing you ever saw, but it's a molecule in the drop in the bucket. It's all I can do with what I've got.

A final note: There's been a lot of talk about witches putting hexes on Donald Trump and otherwise wishing him ill. That's not how I roll. I wish no physical ill on the man, but I'm only too happy to engage in mystical work that seeks to undermine his agenda and protect our nation from his bad deals. Therefore I have joined an online effort called The Magical Battle for America. This is esoteric work on the astral plane, but you need not step onto the astral to be a part of it. Your meditation on the work will add to its power. Every Saturday, the leader posts a new set of instructions. You can join any time, or just drop in to give your quiet support. See you on the plane, or on the ground.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love this post, Anne, and love your turn of phrase "the foam wasn't dry on Fearless Leader's mouth" -- hahahahahaha!

anne marie in philly said...

christie is such a slob; glad he will be gone soon and hopefully many of his GOPrick buddies too!

Janie Junebug said...

I don't wish anyone ill. I merely want some people to go away.


Harry Hamid said...

I guess we all need to do whatever little part we can. Your yard sounds like a great idea and if nothing else, we can use the pictures to show future generations what the color green was.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I would love to be able to garden again; but I am surrounded by trees - not a bad thing - so plants do not get enough sunlight. We have had so much rain here in western Maine that it is even difficult to mow the lawn... We are just beginning to get spring temps here: today's high is fifty-one and the next ten days are foretasted to be mid to low sixties - we normally don't plant here until the first of June.

the Ol'Buzzard

Debi said...

Hi! I've been deep into intel community on twitter to avoid my reality of turning 65. I look for you, and think What the hell you must be thinking right now! Anyway, I've always been one to recognize my addictions in the making and have pulled out! ( phrase of the month)
Facing my own changing reality, searching for my future and reading like never before! ( last bit would impress you teach"
You are only responsible for you, screw the snob knobs..,,,the planet needs more leaders.....take your bowe ! I'm watching! and following!
PS ....I have a blog I am currently re- visiting to get off Twitter ! Great week ahead! 💥💥💥xoDebi


I am so proud of rock.