Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bucket List Cross-Out

I just love the Chesapeake Bay! It's beautiful and nearby.


The only part of the Chesapeake Bay I haven't visited at length is the very bottom of it (geographically), where it spreads out and flows into the briny Atlantic. There are two islands, Smith and Tangier, that I always wanted to see. Lately I've changed my mind about that. I've crossed these two intriguing communities off my bucket list, thank you very much.


Turns out that Tangier Island has two problems. First, it's disappearing at the rate of 15 feet a year. Second, it's voters went for Donald Trump by 87 percent. Apparently none of the residents of Tangier Island believe in climate change. What's happening to their island is simply erosion, and they're looking to our current commander-in-chief to build them a Wall (yes, that again) around their whole island.

After being on CNN and saying that he loved Donald Trump like family, the mayor of Tangier Island got a call from the president. Does this surprise you? El presidente loves him some filial devotion!

You might think I am making this up, but honestly DT called the mayor of Tangier Island (who was out crabbing) and said to him, "Don't worry about your island. It's been around for hundreds of years, and it will be around for hundreds of years to come."

Of course that's as much truth as our fearless leader usually offers, so what's new?

My friends, delightful Tangier Island is in the damn bull's eye. With erosion (yes, it happens) and sea level rise, this is a place where you soon won't need a boat to catch crabs, they'll be skittering across your front porch. One Cat 5 hurricane will destroy it completely. A wall might slow the whole thing down, but forget about it. Done deal.

Might have been a nice place to go for a long weekend before the deluge, but I'll pass. Anyone who can live on a small island and not pay attention to science is just too blithe for me.

PS - Our president is a moron.


anne marie in philly said...

the more it erodes, the more the residents are going to scramble to move off. and they won't be able to afford it. dumb asses.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That kind of erosion is slowly eating away at Canada's Prince Edward Island too. Probably a few others as well, I would think.

Harry Hamid said...

Whew... I'm glad you admitted erosion happens. For a second, I thought you were one of those fringe Erosion Deniers.

Is there ANYTHING a wall won't solve?

Bob Slatten said...

There are none so blind as the people on that island. Hopefully they've all got boats.

PS That last line is everything.

Debi said...

Thankfully the unGray generation knows better and are ignoring the idiots and forging ahead! It's funny ( not really) how flooding at the cottage WAKES the ( some) deniers. xDebi


arghghghghghhg, that idiot.