Friday, November 06, 2015

Another Goodbye

Welcome to The Gods Are Bored, where we find our mission accomplished! Many bored deities of many pantheons are no longer bored. They have growing praise and worship teams who are seeking to communicate with them genuinely, humbly, and with curiosity. That's all a deity really wants. I should know, I've interviewed dozens of Them.

I've come to an end of the road. I find I have trouble infusing my life -- and this blog -- with the humor that once animated it. But before you bag The Gods Are Bored, pick a year. Any year. I wrote a lot of funny stuff, and it's all still here online. You could literally read me three times a week for five or six years. Some of the political screeds are stale, but the rest of it, the interviews, social commentary, and Pagan child-rearing, hasn't changed. And maybe I'll re-discover my funny bone. There are many reasons that it has disappeared. I'm hopeful it will return in the fullness of time.

Yesterday I got up at 4:00 a.m. to go to the beach for one of my favorite pastimes, collecting sea glass. When I got to the beaches on Absecon Inlet, they were covered with bulldozers and chain link fences. Somehow, economically depressed Atlantic City has found money to construct a sea wall straight down the inlet, so that the five sea glass beaches will disappear. Two of them were already off limits.

I watched the sun rise over one of the smaller beaches that has yet to be bulldozed. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The tide was going out, and the waves lapped gently on the shore.

 This realm of King Triton and Queen Oshun will be altered because storms like Hurricane Sandy impinge upon the high-end real estate in the area. The sea wall is being constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers, those humans who seek to impose their will on the Goddess, to little avail.

I had bonded with this stretch of beach, pleased that it soothed my aching longing for Appalachia. Now I'm aching for Appalachia and Absecon Inlet. Change, change. Daughters grown, farm sold, beaches bulldozed, aching joints, vultures no longer wintering in the area, dissolution of spiritual bonds. Can't shrug things off like I used to with a la-di-dah.

Yesterday was my swan song at the sea glass beach. The God and Goddess took pity on me and gave me a parting gift that will forever be special in my heart. Where do I go now?

There's one more post I'll put up. Yet another agent has showered my novel, Gray Magic, with indifference. Therefore, my next post will be the PDF of Gray Magic. It's yours, free, to shower with your own indifference. It's not perfect. It needs the editorial hand it never got,because it didn't ever get that far into the process. Still I think it's a good story, with a real ending.

Here's my gift from King Triton and Queen Oshun. It's my fourth and final beach marble. All glory, laud, and honor to the Deities of the Deep!

Blessed be,
Anne Johnson


Maebius said...

A treasured marble indeed. This too shall pass, be it slumps or towers.
I am forever Blessed because of TGAB. :)

and PS: check facebook, I mean it when I say I'd love that "Biblical" PDF to play with. <3

Julie said...

Oh, Anne - this blog made me cry, I'll be honest. I've been a long time reader, as a baby pagan (only been practicing around 3-4 years) who's still running from being raised strict Catholic, your blog has often been a safe place and a solace for me. I hope that you know that in addition to being a teacher professionally, the sort of hobbyist teaching you have taken upon yourself in this blog has made a huge impact in my life - and I'm sure the lives of many others as well. Thank you for everything, and I'll be sending positive thoughts your way, and the way of your funny bone. May Vulture and deities bless you always!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sad news indeed, but you must do what is right for you. TGAB was one of the very first blogs I ever read and it has kept me amused and thinking for at least 8 or 9 years now. Who knows, perhaps after a break, you may return to blogging some day with a new blog? We can only hope! Bright Blessings to you always, Anne.

Laura said...

I'll miss you! I know I didn't comment very often, but I really enjoyed your posts. It is maddening that humans think they can outwit Mother Nature, isn't it? I'm sorry they are closing your beach. many blessings to you and yours.

yellowdoggranny said...

the Goddess and I remain your fan and friend..I am sick at my heart that you won't be here..but I will always have contact with you...and you can do this on facebook you

Davoh said...

Blessed be.

Kim Cooper said...

I will miss you terribly. Maybe the beach glass will find another beach -- keep a watch for it.
Best of luck to you. Let me know if you start up again?

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading here from time to time. Unique voice and I will browse archives next, and hope with others here that your writing continues to serve you well even if not as often on this blog. Peace~ Mumbletypeg

BBC said...

Pretty hard to find funny anymore...

EarthCitizen #23 said...

Hey there,, funny today on Facebook, Dimitri (Remember Da' Cafe, back in the heyday of blogging) and Nerdine (Guro) we talked of a reunion of all the old bloggers and I thought of you. Your words, laughter and wit have made a big impact on me that I may have never let you know. I will never forget the Beautiful Fairy Glass you sent to me, even though sadly it was stolen from my front yard tree. I mourned that day for it diminished a bit of my good thoughts of humanity.
You always could cheer me up. Thru the years I would peek in, not comment,, and just enjoyed that you were one of the few who continued to blog so faithfully. You are an inspiration for me in that regards to writing,, and I look forward to your book,, but wish you would continue to look for an editor/publisher, as I know it must be a great book.
Send me a note if you come NC way,, I am working on my Jed Clampett cabin in the woods to go off grid and become an official hermit. It is in the mountains and I hope to be there full time soon.
You have touched a lot of people with your words, and for myself I must say THANK YOU.
You will be missed.
Love and Laughter to you always,
Scott (Citizen of Planet Earth Academy- Earthcitizen23)

Terraluna said...

Anne, I will miss you. Thank you for entertaining, informing, and comforting me. I know that the fabric of the world these days is filthy, torn, and tattered, but there are still some strong and true threads in the weave. There are still places where wild ocean pounds against wild shore, where thunderbirds glide, where mists rise up from quiet streams at sunrise. May you find that place that sustains you.

Anonymous said...

I will miss your insight and humor. I look forward to reading your book. Take care.

Cliff said...


TGAB has been a treasure for me for a few years now, most especially since it led me to get to know you personally. I stumbled upon it via Chas Clifton's blog.

Clifton, and you, made me feel comfortable exploring the often wacky, wonderful world of paganism. As a skeptical man, having that comfort zone was essential, and my explorations have showered me with many gifts. I feel deeply indebted to you.

Thank you so much for leaving the site up for all of us, your fans, to rummage through! There really is so much thoughtful, engaging, and yes, funny, stuff here!

All good things must end, goes the saying. And it's true.

Here's to new beginnings for you and yours!

May your next adventures be thrilling and fruitful!


Anonymous said...

Can't add much more to what has been said. I love your gift from the Gods. How lovely. Sad this is a parting gift from an area you love and have found solace at. Another death to grieve.

I do hope you'll be back when you can, but sometimes there's not much more to say. Quiet time to reflect and gather strength for the next round of who knows what.

Good luck to you.

Mary said...

I get it. I get it. Blessed be. Here's hoping we all weather the dread and come out on the other side to something new and worthy.
I always admired your writings--you had the energy to put thought into words like I didn't...and we all had a good laugh too.

Alex said...

Dear Lovely Anne -
I have dipped in and out over the years and always loved visiting TGAB - I shall miss you here, but hope to still see you posting on FB perhaps? :)
I hope the funny comes back into your life soon, and thankyou so much for all your wonderful writing over the years xx
ps: looking forward to the book!
A xxx

Chas S. Clifton said...

I will miss your blog too, but I will check back for the novel.

Helen/Hawk said...

Hearing you....and please know that you will be missed. Your tales of The Bored Gods and the Heir + of course the Spare...and and and.

Thank you. said...

What a pity to hear there will be no more great post you wrote for us. I hope that won't make less happiness in your life.

Davoh said...

Um, at the risk of the label 'politically' uncomfortable - perhaps some of your other gods and especially 'goddesses' could get orf their asses and give Allah a tap on the shoulder - tell him to back orf a bit.

Kimber said...


I've just returned to the internet from maternity leave (a happy, healthy 9.11oz baby boy) to find that you are ending your journey of TGAB.
Whew. What sad news for all of your readers and that's not just the hormones talking. I don't post much because I can never seem to think of the "right" bit to write but I can't let you slip away without sharing with you my thanks.

Thank you for sharing your life and those of the Heir and Spare with us. Thank you for showing me that my Pagan path can be solid, irreverent, and as deeply rooted as any other belief system.
You have brought me joy, to laughter and to tears. Your writing has made me THINK. Made me question my actions instead of bouncing along merrily without thought.

I've shared your blog with people I meet in my community and have at times based my relationships with those people, on what they thought about TGAB. You have become my litmus test. :)

I hope that your coming years are blessed with wild open spaces, laughter and the joy of those you love.

Blessed Be Anne and thank you for impacting my life in such a way.

Kimberly in AK

Anti Kate said...

Dear Anne,

I miss your voice.


Anti Kate