Friday, July 31, 2015

Lughnasadh 2015

Hello, and welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" It's me, Anne Johnson, Pagan since 2005, and that doesn't include the years spent in the closet!

This is the time of early harvest. Gardens are full of ripening fruit, the corn is sweet and tender, and the wheat has been scythed and stacked. The cat is asleep in a paper bag, and ...

Oh. Delete that last part! Cats sleep in paper bags at all times of the year!

I'm solitary this year, missing the group I was with last year, but unable to coordinate anything. But I do have a prayer and petition to the bored Gods on this Lughnasadh Day.

Dear bored Gods: Is my old-in-the-tooth fruit finally ready for harvest?

Last week, an agent in New York City asked to see my finished novel, Gray Magic. (I'm working on a new, and very different, novel right now.) Gray Magic has languished for a decade on my shelf, having made it into PDF but no further. Famously, Mr. J took it to St. Martin's Press, where not one but two editors deemed it a superior wrapping for dead fish, should it be in paper form. But I've never lost faith in Gray Magic. I've read all 4,000 or whatever pages of Game of Thrones, and I think my book, at a slender 450 pages, is better.

If this agent turns Gray Magic down, I will post the PDF here on The Gods Are Bored, and you can read it for free, or just send me a donation. That is my Lughnasadh pledge. I'm tired of people telling me this book I worked on for 15 years and four drafts is a sad waste of good words. I'm not buying it anymore. It's a good story.

Time to harvest what I planted, don't you think? Nothing should die on the vine.


Lucretia said...

That's terrible! I totally agree with you, Anne, it's NOT a waste of good words, no matter what! You just don't write that poorly.

My Lammas pledge is this: If you post your "first fruit" online, I WILL read it. And if it does get published, I WILL buy it! So there. Nyaaahhh to snotty publishers.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good luck, Anne!

Anti Kate said...

You do have a cheering section!


don't give up...look how many times JR Rowlings got turned down.look what happened to her..and I know you write better than that Harry Potter stuff

Maebius said...

What JackieSue says. Plenty of what the world considers REALLY AWESOME SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE have 'failed' or been overlooked more times than they did Famous stuffs. Keep on trying, it'll ripen Soon!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm really curious to read it. But, just the same, I hope it gets published.