Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Five Dollars Gets You a Prize and a Chance To Win Big!

Oh, my dear friends. All six of you. I come to you in an hour of need. But I'm no charity case. I'm going to make you an offer you just can't refuse!

My daughter The Spare is creating a Web series called Speed. She and three of her classmates have been working on it for over a year. Now it's time to shoot the scripts, and they need a modest amount of money to complete ten episodes.

When Speed is finished, it will be a free view on YouTube.

Do any of you love The Spare?

Wow, that's a shameless plea, isn't it?

Spare has created an indiegogo campaign to raise the funds she needs to complete the project. After a few days, she and her colleagues have gotten a number of small donations -- not one of them from a friend, family member, or acquaintance of The Spare.

That can make a girl feel pretty doggone lowdown blue.

But wait! You, yes YOU, can help The Spare and get something for your trouble! Let's call this the Great Annie Giveaway and Prize Drawing!


Donate $5.00 to Spare's indiegogo campaign and get a magick item from the Shrine of the Mists! This could be any one of the following, your choice:
*beach glass
*Marcellus shale
*quartz crystal
*Mardi Gras beads left over from the Mummers Parade
*pebbles from the briny Atlantic
*random minerals

All items have been lovingly dedicated to the Bored Gods and the faeries and will come with that dedication attached.

Donate $10.00 to the Spare's indiegogo campaign and get two magick items from the Shrine of the Mists (see above) PLUS

You will be entered to win a neon tie-dye t-shirt from Woodstock Trading Company in your size!

This is a Woodstock shirt. They are done exclusively for the store by local New Jersey tie-dye artists.

Okay, that's the GREAT ANNIE GIVEAWAY AND PRIZE DRAWING! Everyone gets something, and one person will get a fabulous, brand-new t-shirt!

PLEASE NOTE: The item below has SOLD, but is left here to show a mother's devotion to her daughter's cause.

The donor of $100 to The Spare's indiegogo campaign received an authentic Philadelphia Mummers Parade Comic Brigade suit, complete.

My email is luvbuzzards@yahoo.com

And that indiegogo campaign is  https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/speed-the-web-series



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good luck to The Spare and her film maker friends! The series sounds like it has a fun premise. So wonderful to see young women creating art!


I'm digging thru my purse to see what I can come up with ..

Maebius said...

Awesome idea, and Best of luck to The Spare! I absolutely loved her in Late Night Study Break. (particularly Pumpkin Spice!! lol)

Can't wait to see this new project come to fruition!

Anne Johnson said...

Jackiesue, sweetheart, you are exempt from this challenge due to your unstinting charity work in your own community! Spare will completely understand!

Anti Kate said...

Do you want to be PayPal'd at your email or do you want us to use the Indi Go Go site or whut? Enquiring minds are confused.

Anne Johnson said...

Use the Indiegogo site to contribute to The Spare, and then email me that you did it, and you get entered in the drawing. Thank you for pointing out the confusion! I'll need to set that straight.