Monday, November 24, 2014

Times Change, Mission Marches On

Well, what do you know? "The Gods Are Bored," founded in 2005, now has 2200 entries and 500,000 page views! This is cause to pause. Or, if you're a cat, claws to paws.

My profile picture comes from the East Coast Vulture Festival in, I think, 2005. This here is of more recent vintage. Almost a decade later, I think I look pretty much the same.

When I became a Pagan, one of the things I decided was to have a more lighthearted approach to religion. I know there are people who take their faith very seriously. I'm not flippant, but I'm more curious than committed. This has led to a falling-away of my readership that is more serious and philosophical ... mostly. But folks. After 45 years of never emitting more than a polite titter during a worship service, I just can't not laugh. Make a joyful noise! I find, generally speaking, that Pagans are good at that.

My archives are immense. I ought to go back and read them myself. Here's a list of stuff I've "covered" as your hard-hitting reporter on the edge of the abyss:

*Cats. Kittens. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. I am Woman, hear me purr.

*Bored Gods. This means any deity who has suffered at the hands of the One God juggernaut. I have interviewed Gods and Goddesses from multiple pantheons on all continents but Australia (gotta work on that). Except for Mars, they have one and all been kind and supportive.
*Politics. Remember labor unions? I believe in them. When they're all gone, I'll be able to tell the starving wretches about them as we huddle together in shanties. United we bargain, divided we beg. And all I see these days is begging.

*Rants. I haven't torn into any morons lately, but the next presidential cycle is about to get under way In the meantime I'm sharpening my skewer for "school reform." I'm determined to find the wry humor in it ... somehow.

*Mountains. Came from them, will return to them, probably in an urn.

*Faeries. You want commonsense nonsense about faeries, this is your stop-and-shop. I know the literature, but I've walked the walk with the fae. For years. Respect is the key.

*Last, and best: Buzzards.

Whenever life gets me down, I simply ponder the magnificence, the feathered glory, that is a turkey vulture.  So here, in my 2200nd post, I re-affirm the primary mission of this web site, which is to elevate the vulture to lofty heights! Whatever else I do, the buzzards come first.

So, tell me how long you've been camping at "The Gods Are Bored!" Gosh, 2200 posts! Once I got started, I just didn't know when to quit. It's not in the short-term forecast either.

Have a vulturous, vulture-filled, buzzardelicious day!



Anonymous said...

I have no way of knowing how long I've been here, but it's been a while. I don't even remember how I found you.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

2200 posts! 500,000 page views! That means that 1 million eyeballs have been looking at your blog. Yowza!

Your blog was one of the very, very first blogs I ever read. I probably started reading you at least a couple of years before I started blogging. My blog started in 2008 so I probably showed up here around 2006. So, about 8 years ago. I didn't even know how to comment on a blog in those days. I think once I sent you an email, LOL!

Your excellent writing style and always-thoughtful analyses have kept me coming back, as well as your good-natured and tolerant spirituality.

Congrats on these milestones, Anne!

Anti Kate said...

As the fourth of your three readers, I would like to request more bored god interviews.


I don't know if you found me or I found you? ..I started blogging in 2005 ..March I think..I think maybe we all found each other about the same me debrah, nitty, barb, sooner, Texlahoma, Leo, Nancy, Amy Rocky..Little Pissy..ha..remember her? I've enjoyed every post you have done..

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog regularly since I found you a few years ago-here's to the next 22,000!


Anne Johnson said...

Now, would you look at that! I actually have FIVE readers!

Cliff said...

Make that six readers!

Congratulations for this milestone, Anne, and keep 'em coming!


mary said...

I'm the newbie, I just know it. I've probably been here less than two years. One smartass will find another! Carry on.

Kimber said...


I think I found you in 2005. Before I left Alaska for Colorado...then back again.

Kimberly from AK

Anonymous said...

Don't count me out. Don't know when I found you but knew you were a kindred spirit. I think it was because of the Wild Hunt.
I check you almost every day for your witty words of wisdom. Keep up the great work. 23696

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats! I've been reading for years. I love your blog!