Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We at "The Gods Are Bored" now have six readers! And to all six, and anyone else out there, we wish you a shopping-free, work-free, family-filled holiday!

This was my back yard on Polish Mountain. No wonder I love buzzards.


Laura said...

I don't think I could have been able to leave that sight! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! No shopping, traffic or work here. (Well, except in the kitchen!)

Stacy said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)


such beautiful country

Anonymous said...

Why did you leave it?

Anne Johnson said...

I left it because the rest of my family wanted the money and not the land. It was sold in 2012. I will never get over it.

Kimber said...

Belated felicitations Anne!

Sorry, I was in the kitchen baking pies.

Kimberly in AK