Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back in the Saddle: Let's Talk!

Well, what do you know? My school upgraded to Google Chrome over the summer, and they forgot to block Blogger! Yippee kay i ay!

So, let's talk.

How about ISIS, or ISIL, or whatever the fuck. Thank goodness that wouldn't happen here! We've got lots of people carrying firearms who would never put politics and religion before humanit ..... emmm, forget it.

How about the Walton family creating charter schools? I guess they want to teach a new generation to have super low expectations. Why wait for the real world to crush kids? Teach them to expect to be crushed ... use crushable teachers.

Five casinos close in Atlantic City, 10,000 people lose their jobs, and all I can think about is how unsafe it will make the sea glass beaches. I'm a selfish bitch.

Has anyone noticed that the super hero movies aren't any good anymore? I wanted to strangle that raccoon.

I do like the new Doctor, though.

Why did I leave the wet cat food out overnight? Damn.

Speaking of pets, I've got to get some bird seed.

My daughter The Heir is going to a wedding this weekend. It's the first one of her college chums to tie the knot. She's 25.

Aerosmith or Coldplay? ah HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Dream on.

I'm thinking of writing a book: How To Wallow in Self-Pity. Trouble is, I'm not sure anyone would buy it. Comes naturally to most of us.

If practice makes perfect, how come Pagans don't win the lottery?

You know what baffles me? How 25 teenagers can be jumping around the room at 7:30 in the morning. Aren't they supposed to be on a different biorhythm?

You know what's really stupid? Of course you do! There's something in your life that's stupid as hell, and you know just what it is. Because you aren't stupid.

Well, this was a lovely tea and chat. Except I left my travel mug in the classroom yesterday, so the tea is a little fermented. And that's a good thing, reader. That's a good thing.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I know the acronym ISIS does not refer to the Goddess Isis, but every time I hear Her name in the context of that brutal terrorist organization, I just cringe. I hope all media everywhere start referring to it as ISIL so that association will cease.

Lucretia said...

LOVE this post!! It almost sounds like you're on speed! I'll bet at least one or two of the Bored Gods sat up and took notice of it, heheheheh...


I'm with Debra...quit taking our Goddess's name in vain.

Lucretia said...

And I third that motion!!

Maebius said...

Ahh, thank you Anne, it's a wonderful Friday afternoon, isn't it? Or at least it is when I'm reading this, which means it's that time everywhere right? Speaking of right, why is that word mean both correct and the opposite of left. Why do the "right" get to be right?!? perhaps that's a question for another blog. Anyway, my birdfeeder's empty too, but the bluejays stole all the peanuts. guess I'll toss some more out on the porch. T.t.f.n. :D

Anonymous said...

Rodger C: I learned yesterday that the Arabs pronounce their acronym for ISIS as "Daash." Works for me. Any way we can get this started? Of course Obama won't use it because the teabaggers would say it's proof he's a Muslim.