Thursday, July 17, 2014

Open Invitation

I will be sojourning in sunny Baltimore for two days in order to visit my mother-in-law. This is a good time to issue an


To a Lughnasadh ritual hosted by Grove of the Black Oak

Area 14, Ridley Creek State Park, Media PA

Sunday, August 3

1:00 p.m.

Bring some eats and beverages for yourself.

Free of charge

This is a beautiful wooded setting. Our group is easy-going, egalitarian, and funny. The ritual is not aligned with any particular Pagan path ... all are welcome.

I would love to meet you.

Oh yeah ... we do this rain or shine. Once it hailed on us. Hoping for a sunny day, but we take what we get.


greekwitch said...

How wonderful it would be if I could join!

Cliff said...


Sorry if this a repeat, but my email address is

I'd very much like to join your group on the 3rd of August, but I'll be 'down the shore,' that day, as they say in these parts. I'd much rather spend that Sunday afternoon in the in the woods at Ridley Creek (hail or shine!), but family obligations stand in my way.

Please keep me in mind for the next turns in the wheel!

Most important, keep on blogging, please! I really look forward to your posts... they are alternatively earnest, outraged, confessional, and playful. I love 'em!

All my best wishes,


Davoh said...

Would like to be there - has been a bit snowy here, so guess i could cope. Our local Federal "leader" has just removed a 'price for polluting the atmosphere with CO2' (makes plants grow quicker ... heh); and promising a whole $520(?) increase in the household budget ... Might think about booking a cheap flight on Malaysian Airlines ... no, wait, perhaps not.

Methinks entering the war zone(s) over the equator in your part of the planet is not worth the effort.

However, My best wishes (and spirit) be with you and gathering.


rats, that sounds like fun..wish I could make it..