Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Unfit To Govern

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When the august New York Times ran an obituary about Maya Angelou under the fold, I decided I didn't need the damn daily paper anymore. So now, pressed as I am for time, I get my news from the Internet. Today on my Yahoo news feed, there was a story about how much weight Chris Christie has lost (in the neighborhood of 85 pounds) since he had lap band surgery in 2013. Of course the article was about whether or not the slenderized Christie would appeal to voters as a presidential candidate.

As is often the case with Yahoo articles, the comments section becomes a kind of opinion poll. (Will Gallup be the next company put out of business by the Internet?)

To hell with the stupid article, I wanted to see what The Vox Populi had to say.

Readers, I believe Governor Christie is screwed even if he wakes up one morning looking like this guy.

Out of the 50-plus comments I read on the Christie story, the vast majority said that his weight is not important, he is unfit to govern.

But what I liked even better was the commentary from the red side of the aisle.

It seems the loathsome Mr. Christie is detested by the right-wing fringe. They have neither forgotten nor forgiven his hearty handshake with President Obama during Hurricane Sandy. They think he's too much of a lefty. And that, I hope, spells the end of the despicable bully Chris Christie.

Short sermon tonight. I just wanted to record my glee in seeing CC skewered not only by Democrats and New Jersey residents, but also by people who vote Republican.

This sermon is also abbreviated because the author has become distracted by the photograph and is off to watch Guatemalan music videos.



what? cc? what? man that dudes cute..what?

Maebius said...

A good end to the story indeed. Oh, and that part about some political guy is alright too. You always make me laugh, reading your blog posts Anne. Thanks! :D

Lucretia said...

Heheheh... How about this for a campaign slogan??

"Ricardo Arjona for governor of New Jersey!! He may not be better for the state, but he sure is easier on the eye!!"