Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Is today Earth Day? I really couldn't tell you.

I can't tell you when Earth Day is because, what do we do the other 364 days of the year? Anyone can pick up some trash and plant some flowers one day a year.

Yes, yes, Earth Day helps to raise awareness of environmental issues. Kind of like Mother's Day raises awareness of the hard work and sacrifice of our nation's moms.

Years ago, I used to tease a co-worker who coordinated my assignments from another state. When I talked to him on the phone, I would say, "Your first thought upon awakening in the morning is, 'What can I do for Anne today?'"

I was being silly, of course. But when it comes to Planet Earth, wouldn't that philosophy apply in a serious way?

When you wake up, think to yourself, "What can I do for the planet today?"

Are you drawing a blank? Of course not! This is a Pagan site! You three readers know exactly what I'm talking about!

Here are a few steps that I, Anne Johnson, Druid, have taken to help the planet.

*After many years of trial and error, I've finally gotten used to those re-usable grocery bags! Damn, those things are fine. I've got about a dozen, folded up and stored in one that I carry into the store. The trick is keeping them in your car trunk. It takes a little discipline to remember to put them there. At least for me it does. I have poor short-term memory.

*Green transportation! Our family has moved from two cars to one. This is a real sacrifice. It requires the kind of planning and self-denial that we Johnsons aren't used to. But damn, when you get it going, a 4.5 mile walk or bike ride home from work is great exercise.

*Living close to work. If you have to drive more than 20 minutes to get to your job, look closer in. If "closer in" takes you into a city neighborhood, ask yourself, "Is this an area that could use my presence? How much will I save if I ditch my car?"

*Lobby for the environment. Okay, most of us don't have a lot of money. I know I don't. But when Mr. J and I pared our budget back to the bone, I insisted that we stay with our Nature Conservancy donation. I've given up a lot as our circumstances have changed, but supporting conservation is something I have to do. (However, I did get quietly insistent with the youngster from Nature Conservancy who called me on the phone, imploring me to raise my donation amount. I'm doing what I can. And that's all I can.)

*Pray to the Goddess, to the Four Quarters, to Pan, to Gaia, to the Ancestors. Raise your intentions where the Earth is concerned. Not just one day a year, but all the time.

My three readers deserted me at paragraph two. They already know this stuff and don't need further lectures. Tweet tweet! I'm entertaining myself!


Lucretia said...

You and I, Anne, are definitely "birds of a feather"! (Yes, I love vultures, too!!) I adore my reusable grocery bags, I live 15 minutes from work by car, and we walk to the grocery store whenever possible. The only reason I don't get rid of our car and just rent one when needed is that my husband has out-of-town doctor appointments monthly, it would take me an hour each way to go to work by bus, and most of the time we have too many groceries to carry home, so it really wouldn't work out for us in the long run.

You didn't mention recycling, but I'm sure you do that, too! It's incredible how much trash our family keeps out of the landfill by doing that! :-)

Some advice for remembering to put your grocery bags back in the car: put them all in one bag and hang it on the doorknob! Then you will see them the next time you go out and remember to take them with you. :-)

Anne Johnson said...

Yep, mine are hanging on the doorknob right now.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I admit it -- you've got better eco-warrior cred than I do!

Kimber said...

We donate and volunteer with Cook InletKeepers and I just bought a bunch of re-usable "paper" towels off of etsy.

Lots of creek/Beach/trail clean up as well. Need to show Sedna I'm a worthy devotee.

Stacy Porter said...

I think I'm one of 5 on my college campus who doesn't have a car. It can be a pain, but whenever I want to go somewhere usually I'm not the only one in my circle of friends so we wouldn't need more than one car anyway for us all to go.