Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Always Look

Well, if this doesn't take the cake. Here I sit in the Cherry Hill Library, having done the kind spousely thing and brought my husband to opening night of the used book sale. He would have gotten up in the middle of his operation to come here, so it's the least I can do.

I don't like used book sales. People pushin, people shovin, and the girls who try to look nerdy... Oh, wait, I'm gibbering. Used book sales and blogging on my pathetic phone do that to me.

I don't like used book sales because authors don't make any money off my purchases. So while I can't resist picking up Pagan books at these things, I always feel guilty about it later. Doesn't keep me from dipping my mitts into the one buck copies of Drawing down the Moon, though.

I have this quaint notion that I shouldn't buy a book unless I plan to read it. And I don't have time to read. Hmm. Why am I here again? Oh yeah. Mr. J hauls books home by the oxcart. And the cart is outside. And he had back surgery last Friday. So the heavy lifting falls to me.

Ah! There goes the teeming throng! With Mr. J in their slavering midst! Tra la la... Must be a first edition of Gulliver's Travels in there somewhere!

This more-meaningless-than-usual post has been brought to you through the courtesy of a device that could render books obsolete. Maybe I should buy a few for old times' sake.


Lucretia said...

ROFLMAO!!! I happen to love used book sales, and rarely buy a new one anymore (TOO expensive!!), but I do understand your mindset. However, perhaps it will help to be reminded that the authors WERE compensated the first time the books were bought. And an author friend of mine actually thought it was neat when I found a book of hers in the used book store! I guess it was hard proof that people were actually buying her books. ;-)

Vest said...

Although I still receive a weak dribble of royalty from my Memoirs first out in 2005 flogging them personally I find a gross waste of time I still have a dozen or so in the bottom of my wardrobe which I boringly send out to unwitting recipients, but speaking personaly I believe it still provides some interesting segments, dare I say, A little naughty. I have my own dog eared copy which I can see from where I sit and some time reminisce fron its contents. and slap my hand after saying "naughty boy".

Anne Johnson said...

I published a book a long time ago, and the local press made a big fuss over it. Locally it sold a few copies, which I thereafter scooped up at the local used book sales for years afterwards. I would have run out of copies of it otherwise!

BBC said...
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Anne Johnson said...

Billy, you are no more welcome here than a Mormon missionary. Go read some other blog, and stop saying mean things here.

Vest said...

So BC was here, he hasn't called at my blog for some time now. Maybe those those seagulls ate him.