Friday, August 16, 2013

Frank Talk : What Flower Lace Bra Said

Hello, howdy, and welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!"

I really don't know who reads the drivel on this site, except for 178 people who are kind enough to follow me. I have been told that my readers number fewer than the colors in a jumbo box of Crayolas, but I've also been told (by someone who didn't like something I wrote) that "everybody" reads "The Gods Are Bored." My guess is that it's a hell of a lot closer to the Crayola number than to the "everybody" number.

I don't get many comments on what I write. I attribute this to my ability to be 100 percent correct about everything at all times. It's a talent. Then again, I might not get many comments because I don't have trolls, and I don't respond to my commenters enough.

My husband just won a major literary award (see below), and I was pleased to get 7 comments on the post. I really do know how complicated that captcha thing is, if you want to leave a comment. Sometimes it takes me three or four tries to get my own comments posted. As an aside, I do have a filter that keeps the comments from appearing automatically, and sometimes it takes a few days for them to show up. I see them, though, and I post them.

One of the comments in the previous post was from someone named Flower Lace Bra. I have copied the content of the comment. Here it is:

"I am consequently's only the top news at any time..and something point about this e-book..Level by no means quit all of us sensation i am sorry for just about any of these..sad for the children indeed,however never ever does Personally i think i'm sorry for anyone"

This thoughtful commentary was followed by a link to something called Male Masturbators. Flower Lace Bra also was a link.

This morning, looking at my back-dated, uposted comments, I got something similar from a commenter called Sexy Lingerie. With a similar ending tag, Free Porn.

I am wearing a lace bra. Sometimes I wear sexy lingerie. But I think it risky to follow links to such items on the Internet. To me, free porn is a book or some pictures you find in someone else's recycle bucket ... or a mirror on the ceiling. Everything else has a price, even if it's just doctor bills for a virus on the computer.

What intrigues me, though, is how these comments showed up in my thread. How did they elude the captcha? If they didn't, then why did Flower Lace Bra become Sexy Lingerie? The pithy commentary seems to be the work of someone who looked at previous comments on the thread, then either wrote something under the influence of a synthetic hallucinogen or a minimal command of English.

Can it be possible that somewhere, some poor soul is being paid to slap pornographic links onto incomprehensible commentary, then actually post it by completing the captcha, over and over and over again? If so, what a tragic commentary on commentary!

To conclude this sermon, please note the following:

*I wear flower lace bras. I think they're pretty. But I would not link to them. You know where to get them, if you need one. I like Aerie, myself.

*I do not indulge in male masturbation. I'm not a male. I wouldn't link to it because if you are so inclined, you know where to look for that too.

*I love sexy lingerie. By definition of "sexy lingerie," I mean anything that is silk, satin, or minimally lacy that drapes without binding too tightly. Personal preference, I don't like garter belts or stuff that is fantasy-themed. Heck, I wear the fantasy-themed items on the outside sometimes, to the distinct embarrassment of The Spare. If you are in search of this kind of thing, you know darned well you need a fitting room, because lingerie is hard to size! Go to the mall.

I removed Sexy Lingerie but left Flower Lace Bra in the comments below the previous post. Circling back to my previous thought ... how dreary would it be to outsmart captchas for a smattering of ducats! I'd rather fill sand bags.

Thank you for reading.

Hot Chicks


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hot chicks, indeed! I also thought that captcha codes were supposed to outsmart bots but perhaps they have evolved. They're still more interesting comments than anything left by BBC, though.

Anti Kate said...

Could use fox imagery, next time.

Not A Robot, despite catcha issues.

Lucretia said...

I have to be honest... I rarely comment because you rarely reply to comments, and I don't know if you've even read mine, so it's just not worth the trouble of proving I'm not a robot. Like now, when I had to do it twice because the robot thingy went bonkers on me.

But, I'm commenting now because I LOVED this post! So even if you don't read this or reply to it, thank you for posting it. :-)

Anne Johnson said...

Lucretia, I read all my comments, but I've been remiss in not replying more. I'm trying to do better on that, so bear with me!

There are some times when I don't look at my blog for a few days... work and such that interferes ... but I'm making a pledge to be a better conversationalist in this forum, even if it means trying to decipher impossible mishmashed letters and numbers that are already blurry even before I take off my glasses.

Terraluna said...

Someone should put a fan on those chicks, if they're hot. Not healthy for them to be too warm.

I also read you almost every day and almost never comment. But I do cheer you on, silently.

Mark's book was brilliant. It made me cry. Repeatedly. But it was beautiful. Congratulations to him. It really is a wonderful accomplishment.

And I've just realized that one reason I don't comment often is that I see my paltry typed congratulations and it seems to me that a comment from some lady in California is insignificant compared to the accolades of one's peers and the pride of loved ones.

But if you really do like to receive comments, I'll cheer you on less silently more often.

Anne Johnson said...

CRAP! I just got tossed from this thread after writing a long and heartfelt response to you, Terraluna!

Anne Johnson said...

Okay, another try:

Terraluna, Mark gets more pleasure from reading notes from individual readers than he does from any accolade by a reviewer or other snooty entity. You have no personal agenda in the advancement of his book. You just liked it. That means so much to him! Anyway, I'll show him what you wrote -- he'll no doubt want to print it out and put it in a folder, he's old school.

And thank you for reading. I am going to try to do better at responding to my commenters. A few years ago I had to put a filter on my blog because one ugly troll was insulting other commenters on the thread. I'll work around him, though.

Maebius said...

I've got soem hot chicks next door too (in our barn), so no need to go searching for them here. :P

That being said, I also read you daily, (or as often as you post with a day or so delay at times due to Weekend Life and such. haha!

The captcha doesnt' like me at work though so I comment less often than I could. Kudos for keeping up the blog though! You are a ray of light. :)