Thursday, August 01, 2013

Blah blah blah

My sister is coming for a visit today.

We should all love our siblings. After all, they are blood. I guess I do love my sister, but she reminds me of bad times. She also reminds me of the responsibilities I had as a kid to take care of her, in fact often to be her mother.

Sis goes through acquisition phases, but she is always acquiring something. Right now she has five dogs and three birds. I don't know how many cats she has. I guess I'll find out. The only stated objective she has for this visit is to go shopping. At least she likes thrift stores.

Snobville's annual sidewalk sale starts today. This is always an amusing adventure ... except, for a refreshing change, it's pouring (sarcasm -- it's been raining all summer). I always get a kick out of what constitutes a "sale" in Snobville. Fifty percent off of ridiculously expensive is still ridiculously expensive. The teddy bears and Christmas decorations are set out at semi-affordable prices, but trust me. I'm not thinking Christmas right now, and I'm between teddy bear phases.

We've had several fish come and go here at Chateau Johnson lately. Spare wanted a ghost shrimp as a pet, so we got her one, and three others (one donated). Of that cohort, only one remains, the others having gone to King Neptune's Fish Heaven. Ghost shrimp perished, alas. With me, it is always thus with fish. Then a friend of Heir's gave her a Beta. Now this is an interesting fish. It begs for food and makes rings of bubbles, and it lives in a large flower vase.

My business luncheon went well. The professor was very intelligent, and he asked probing questions, but in an affable way. He thought my proposal worthy of the university's Project-Based Initiative program, which is free right now but will soon cost money.

Sunday there's a little reunion of my former Black Oak Grove members. I have missed them dreadfully. It will be great to see them again! I don't think we'll have numbers for a proper ritual, but some hiking and meditation will be nice.

That's all the news that's fit to print from this Pagan in New Jersey. If you have any advice on how to raise a Black Molly, please send it. If you need water, I'll put a bucket out for you. Feels like it's been pouring nonstop since April.


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Enjoy your sister's visit and seeing your Black Oak Grove buddies again! Keep a happy thought!