Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Proof That Faeries Exist: A Little Poem

Hello, faerie weather friends! It's only four weeks until the May Day Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm! If you live within 100 miles of Baltimore or Washington, DC, Google this puppy -- it's a great way to introduce young children to Faerie, so that they will grow into fun-loving, risk-taking adults. I've seen some of my TGAB friends there, so if you plan to go, drop me a comment or a note so that we can connect in the apparent world!

I'm cleaning off book shelves in preparation for a new resident in the Johnson household. Tucked away in a corner, I found this poem from a 1936 magazine. I only have the page, so I don't know which magazine printed it. But what a lovely little poem for a spring day!

There Are Fairies
by Elizabeth C. Wherry

We thought there weren't such things as fairies
And often we'd said "pooh!"
But Becky said, "Oh yes there are."
And told us how she knew.

"Why, I'm sure that there are fairies," said Becky with a smile,
"For I see the things that prove it every little while.
There's a cliff beside the creek that is old and strong and gray,
But it's full of cozy cavelets where fairies hide by day.
Sometimes they trim the doorway with drooping columbine,
Sometimes across the gateway there's a trailing bit of vine.
And who else but a fairy could coax fronds of ferns to sway
Across the railing of her porch in such a graceful way?"

"Oh, I know that there are fairies," said Becky with a nod,
"For the birds use pathway patterns that fairy feet have trod.
Though I cannot see the patterns of their curves upon the air
I can tell by every spiral that the fairies made them there.
And who besides a fairy princess could use, do you suppose,
Such lovely satin dress goods as the petals of a rose?
And who besides a fairy singer could teach a wren its song?
And surely none but fairies could drive butterflies along."

So we're sure that there are fairies
Since Becky told us so
And we wrote this poem to tell you
That all of you might know. 


Vest said...

In England we had fairies at the bottom of our garden, one day they disappeared and returned two years later when I asked them about their absence they replied we were called up for national servive. Army Navy or Airfoce I asked.
None of them they replied. " What then I asked" They replied "The National Elf Service what else".

what to do when your bored said...

this thing need not to be proved.. its a belief and inpositively believe that fairies exists :) and thanks for the post :)

what to when your bored