Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," bringing you tragic news today ...

There will be no East Coast Vulture Festival in Wenonah this year.

I have not gotten the flurry of emails that I would have gotten in the past. I have not rented the vulture costume. This is a day that no one looked forward to more than me, and it is not to be.

My guess is that the vultures have moved on. Since Spare filmed "Momma Bird," it has been very hard to find the huge flocks of turkey and black vultures that were descending on the town in droves. I think it's that way with vultures. They stay awhile and then they go.

However, just because there's no East Coast Vulture Festival this year doesn't mean that we, yes we, you and I, can't create one!

"The Gods Are Bored" hereby declares Saturday, March 2 East Coast Vulture Day!

Contribute your favorite vulture pictures, stories, or comics to this blog, all to be published on March 2, 2013!

All you have to do is email your submission to   luvbuzzards at yahoo dot-you-know-the-drill. That's me.

We can turn this happy space into a Vulture Day and have some laughs doing it!

Who is with me?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'll see what I can "dig up" or otherwise retrieve "from the side of the road" to send you! Sorry to hear the actual Festival has run its course though. It was so unique and you always looked so good in that vulture costume.

Moma Fauna said...

stranded here in Alaska, i will be missing the return of our beloved turkey vultures (an event which officially = Spring) down in our desert Utah home. so it pleases me that you offer this lemonade. i need some. i will send you a picture of one of my desert birds. i know, SO not East Coast, but i hope you won't begrudge them or my vicarious celebration. ;)

JACKIESUE said... sad is that? damn..I'm in..if I can remember..ha

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. Did they say goodbye to you? Not even Floppy?
Ah well, perhaps they have short memories....Or perhaps they are needed more somewhere else.