Monday, January 07, 2013

Free Advice on Dating and Other Matters of Love

Look here. I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm quietly happy. But it still is baffling. Perhaps the work of a jealous bored Goddess.

My two beautiful daughters are unlucky in love.

Spare had attracted the attention of a young lad she met during her first term in college. I figured she would be dating seriously by this time in her college career, seeing as how she hadn't had a real boyfriend since early high school.

Wouldn't you know. She had one formal date with the lad, and two days later he has given her the gentle heave-ho.

Well, there you are. I mean to say, this is not such bad news for a parent who is shelling out ducats on college tuition. However, to Spare it is distressing. I had to pull her bodily out of the kitchen before she began to rage-cook a turkey dinner.

No daughter wants to hear from her mom that the best of all possible worlds is to work hard and make a place for yourself in the world before you turn a batting eyelash upon a likely lad. But that is the free parental advice I dole out to both of my young daughters.

This is the boring kind of blah blah blah you can expect from a mother. Goes in one ear, out the other.

Spare has gone to the home of a chum to bury herself in Chinese food and talk down the opposite gender. I'm sitting here with my dear cat, Alpha, who -- after giving us a holiday scare -- seems to have come back into her wits.

It can't hurt to ask a cat for dating advice. Why not? Alpha was towing a kitten through the dumpster when she was rescued by a crazy cat lady.

Anne: Alpha. What's your advice for finding true love?

Alpha: Don't think about it at all until you go into heat. Then, any tomcat will do.

Ahem. Thanks, Alpha. Sound advice ... if you're a cat. I'm glad I asked you, and not Spare!

Free advice on matters of love? Spay or neuter your pet.

Have a nice day!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those first few dating relationships are SO hard, aren't they? Training wheels for life. They can teach you so much but hurt a lot in the meantime.

Heir and the Spare -- you must kiss many frogs before you find your prince!

Anonymous said...

Just make sure those frogs you kiss go to the dentist regularly -- cavities are catching. Yes, they are.