Friday, June 01, 2012

The Bitter Pill

At springtime Rituals, I'm fond of saying, "If not for the dark of winter, would we really appreciate the bright, new spring?"

Of course this would make no sense to someone from the tropics (as many bored deities have pointed out to me), but to those of us in the nether regions of the Hemispheres, we "get it."

Without the bad, would we appreciate the good? Without the worst, would we shrug off the best?

Life gives us bitter pills to swallow sometimes. Gotta gulp 'em down. One of the most foul-tasting pills is quinine -- but forgo it in malaria country, and you'll be toast.

Then again, some bitter pills actually are poison. It's best to ponder deeply before you pop anything. Ask yourself what the consequences of that bitter pill will be. Will it make you better or worse? Will it kill you or make you more vibrant? Will it ease pain or increase it?

The bitter pill in our lives can be uncertainty. Uncertainty must be swallowed bravely, because it's going down your gullet whether you want it or not.

Without uncertainty, would we enjoy living in the moment? I think not. And I'm big on those live-in-the-moment experiences.

Take that tough, bitter pill. The sun will come out another day, and it will feel so good.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Uncertainty sucks. You're right -- the only defence against its stressful effects is to live totally in the moment, hard though that is to do. I hope your period of uncertainty does not last long.

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say I try to remember what Voltaire supposedly said: Doubt is uncomfortable but certainty is ridiculous.


chin up tits out.