Sunday, December 04, 2011

Free Advice to Store Clerks

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" I've got some things to do today, so I'll be brief.

See this pretty thing? It's called a "Lampe Berger." I bought one last year as a holiday gift for Mr. J. It's a product from Paris. You fill the base with alcohol infused with fragrance (ergo, not the kind you drink). There's a wick. You light the lamp, and the fragrance gets wicked up and out into the room.

I love the thing. It's the bomb. (Well, I guess if you dropped it while it was alight, it would REALLY be a bomb!) It infuses scent better than a candle, and it purifies the air to boot.

You can Google Lampe Berger and buy one it for that certain someone. I highly recommend the product. Their official site is a bit user-unfriendly, so try some of the American retailers.

I bought my Lampe Berger at a store on Snobville's charming Main Street -- a trendy little boutique that mostly sells the kind of thingamagiggies you throw around your house if you've got money to burn. But the lamp appealed, because I love it when my house smells good.

Anyway, long story short, this fancy store can't seem to keep the fragrances in stock. I've gone there at least ten times, and in eight of those times I've walked out empty-handed. Once I only got the product I asked for after having to make a special trip, when they had it shipped down from their other store in ... geez, I don't know where the other store is. Surely some place just like Snobville.

Today the weather was glorious, so I walked up to Main Street, went into the store, and requested a fragrance. They were out. I requested another frangrance. They were out of that too. They offered me "Polynesian Sunrise" or some other non-wintry scent. I walked out empty-handed.

And came home. Sat down here at the old desktop. Ordered $75 worth of fragrance that will be delivered right to my door.

I try, readers. I really try to buy local. I don't want to see empty stores on my Main Street. But if the store owners aren't stocking the items a customer wants, it's all too easy for that customer to go online and get the item. Sure, it costs a little more for shipping, but I'm a busy woman. I can't be hiking to Center Snobville three times a week, after the store calls me and tells me they got what I wanted.

So here's my free advice to store owners everywhere. If you have a product that you believe in, that you sell with all the ferocity of our old departed friend, Billy Mays, you had best lay in a good supply of any supporting products required to run the original product. In this day and age, it's way too easy to find Lampe Berger oil online. Local store owner, you needed that sale to pay your rent. You can only sell so many $300 embroidered throw pillows in this economy.

I would go up and pay the store to take my free advice (in the true spirit of TGAB), but there's that pesky shipping charge I wouldn't have had to pay if the store stocked the oils I needed. So, forget it, Snobville High-End Emporium of Generally Useless Gewgaws! The "For Rent" sign will soon hang from your door.


Lori F - MN said...

Tally up the number of times you've been there for fragrance and they didn't have it. Then go down and tell them - if you happen to be passing by. Let them know the number of sales they lost out on and that you decided to get the fragrance from an alternate source. They deserve to know how often they have lost sales.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Maddening, isn't it?


you should make a copy of this and send it in an email to the store.squeaky wheel..etc.

the Derpster said...

I have this problem all the damn time. Especially when my local yarn shop was still in business. It was hit-or-miss whether she'd have enough yarn in any color or content for making a sweater. She'd offer to order it in, but...I could do that, myself, and it would be a lot cheaper.

She also had a problem with not being in the shop during her supposed hours of operation. Lots of times I ran by on my 15 min break to buy something, and went back to work empty-handed because she hadn't bothered to come in yet.

(She went out of business. ::throws up hands::)

Davoh said...

mmmm, once upon a time i knew a place which supplied every little gidgadtet pertaining to kerosene lanterns ...

Hope that they're still there ....

kimc said...

Yeah, even shops that keep a good supply of stuff go out of business in this economy. the Aladdin Lamp store in Petaluma went out of business last year -- just after we discovered it.