Monday, February 28, 2011

Shamanic Festival Attire Has Arrived!

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" When the vulture costume arrives at the front door, I know it's a sign that spring is in the air!

And yes, my friends and readers (all three of you), the ever-helpful Akron Costume and Supply has delivered again! On Saturday afternoon I step out, adorned in my feathery finery, to help the fine young minds in Wenonah, New Jersey learn that vultures are a good thing, a wonderful thing, a sight to be gazed upon with awe and joy!

I would so keep this costume if I had the dough. But I'll bet it costs an arm and a leg ... it's a rental.

Which makes me wonder who else uses it during the year. And why.

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At February 28, 2011 , Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

It would be worth the cost of rental just to show up at Anonymous's front door wearing it. Tell her you're there to crap in his/her yard!

At February 28, 2011 , Blogger Hecate said...


At February 28, 2011 , Blogger Intense Guy said...

Wow! That's a wicked cool costume!

Hmmm... a half gallon bag of milk and maybe white bread mixed in might make a convincing "giftie".

And yeah, what and who would rent this thing most of the year?!?

At February 28, 2011 , Blogger YELLOWDOG GRANNY said...

I have a mental picture of them all sitting around trying to decide what to make as another costume...'oh I know..lets make a vulture.'....

At March 01, 2011 , Blogger CousinLinda said...

What a GREAT costume!

At March 04, 2011 , Blogger kimc said...

maybe you should ask the costumer who else uses the costume, or at least for what?


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